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Early Paper Money of America / Maryland / 1770 March 1

$318,000 is indented Bills without legal tender status and authorized at the Nov. 17, 1769 Session to be used for loans through the reestablished Loan Office. These were payable between Oct. 10, 1781 and April 10, 1782 at 4s6d sterling per dollar, by the Act passed during the Oct. 17, 1780 Session. All outstanding issues prior to 1776 were to be exchanged at 40 (old) for 1 (new) or become invalid after Mar. 20, 1781. Similar in form to the Jan. 1, 1767 issue, but with payment in gold and silver added to the text. The nature prints from the July 14, 1756 issue were again reused. Printed by Anne Catherine Green and William Green. Signers were John Clapham and Robert Couden.
The “Secret marks” or deliberate errors found on all denominations of the 1767, 1770, and 1774 issues appear to have been used for the detection of counterfeits and alterations. The same marks continue from issue to issue without change. Some “secret marks” are listed for each denomination here and in 1767 and 1774 issues.

$1/9 — Colon after ANNAPOLIS.
$1/6 — Commas in ROMAN numerals.
$2/9 — Comma after Maryland.
$1/3 — Cedilla under first c in according. Tiny J instead of comma after Dollar in text.
$1/2 — An accent mark is over a in Exchange.
$2/3 — An accent mark is over the first i in Domini.
$1 — Two ornaments between denomination 
in bottom borders.
$2 — A period is over a in Rate.
$4 — “J. Green Printer” Printed upside down in tiny 
letters on bottom border.
$6 — A dot follows ASSEMBLY.
$8 — An accent mark instead of a comma follows DOLLARS in the text. The right bracket for the bill number is omitted.

$1/9 (6d) [18,000]
$1/6 (9d) [18,000]
$2/9 (1s) [18,000]
$1/3 (1s6d) Caret under small h in Third and small e in Bearer [21,000]
$1/2 (2s3d) Small A between HALF and DOLLAR [18,000]
$2/3 (3s) Caret under small h in Thirds [21,000]
$1 (4s6d) Engraving of Spanish Dollar [21,000] ▷CF◁
$2 (9s)         Engraving of two Spanish Dollars [21,000]
$4 (18s) Has a 9 after the issued amount. Caret under third the [12,000]
$6 (27s) Three type sizes in MARYLAND [12,000] ▷CF◁
$8 (36s) Denomination printed nine times Broken d in London [12,000] ▷CF◁
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