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Early Paper Money of America / Maryland / 1775 July 26 Session

$266,6662/3 (£100,000 in Maryland money of account) in Bills issued pursuant to the Aug. 14, 1775 Resolve of the Maryland Convention to promote the manufacture of gunpowder. Payable in specie at Sterling rates by Jan. 1, 1786. On the face is a propaganda-filled woodcut by Thomas Sparrow, depicting Britannia receiving a petition of the Continental Congress, CONG PETI, from a female figure representing America; America trampling on a scroll marked SLAVERY and holding a Liberty Cap in front of American troops carrying the flag of liberty, LIB; and on the left George III trampling on the M (agna) CHARTA and applying a fire brand to an American city under attack by a British fleet. Side border cuts carry AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN and PRO ARIS ET FOCIS (For altars and the hearth). On the back the figures of America and Britannia are shown achieving peace, PAX TRIUMPHIS POTIOR (Peace is preferable to victory), LIBERTY, T. SPARROW, and FG (Frederick Green, the printer). The five highest denominations show a denomination in dollars, a denomination in Maryland money of account, and the exchange rate to convert the value into English Sterling. Signers were Jeremiah Banning, James Brice, John Brice, Joseph Bruff, Joseph Davidson, John Duckett, Nathan Hammond, James Hindman, Thomas B. Hodgkin, Robert L. Nicols, William Perry, Samuel Sharpe, Peregrine Tilghman, Richard Tilghman, Jr., Richard Tootell, and Charles Wallace.

$2/3 [10,512]
$1 [10,512]
$1 1/3 [10,512]
$1 2/3 (12s6d) [10,512]
$2 2/3 (20s) [7,096]  
$4 (30s) [7,096]  
$8 (£3) [7,096]
$16 (£6) [7,096]
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