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Early Paper Money of America / Maryland / 1780 June 28 Act

$346,000 in legal tender Bills payable in Spanish milled dollars with 5% interest by Dec. 31, 1786 was authorized by Acts passed at the June 12, 1780 and Oct. 17, 1780 Sessions pursuant to a Continental Congress Resolution of Mar. 18, 1780, guaranteeing the payment of the bills and making the amount issuable dependent upon the amount of Continental Currency exchanged at $40 (old) for $1 (new). Face printed in black and back in red and black by Hall & Sellers in Philadelphia on mica-flaked paper watermarked UNITED STATES in two lines. The face border cuts and back cuts surrounding the emblems were engraved by Henry Dawkins, a former counterfeiter for the British. Border cuts and emblems on the back were from the Jan. 14, 1779 issue of Continental Currency. Signers were John Callahan, Henry Dickinson, Frederick Green, Nicholas Harwood, Thomas Johnson, Jr., Isaac McHard, Richard Tilghman, Philip Walker, and William Wilkins. The guaranty was signed by Benjamin Harwood and Thomas Harwood.

$1 [6,922]
$2 [6,922]
$3 [6,922]
$4 [6,922]  
$5 [6,922]
$7 [6,922]  
$8 [6,922]  
$20 [6,922] ▷CF◁  
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