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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1690 December 10

£7,000 in indented Colony or Old Charter Bills, being the first authorized public paper currency issued in the Western world (Europe and America). Approved by a Dec. 10, 1690 Order to pay expenses for military action against Canada. The faces are printed from an engraved copper plate containing four denominations. The Indian on the Colony seal is saying COME OVER & HELP US. The backs have an engraved scroll design, which is part of the indenture. Signers were Elisha Hutchinson, John Phillips, Timothy Thornton, Penn Townsend, and Adam Winthrop. Three signers were required. See following issue for further data.

SIGILLVM: GVB: & SOC: DE MATTACHVSETS. BAY. IN: NOV. ANGL: (Seal of the Government and Society of Massachusetts Bay in New England).

5s [1,038]
10s [1,037]
20s [1,037]
£5 [1,037]

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