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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1710 May 31

The same three face plates used for the Nov. 21, 1702 and Nov. 21, 1708 issues were further altered by John Coney by changing the 40s on the middle plate to 4s; by changing one 20s on the great plate to 40s and the other to 50s; and by changing the date on all bills to May 31, 1710. The face was overprinted in red with a mirrored monogram AR. A red scroll is on the backs of all except the four lowest denominations to deter alteration by raising denominations. The writing of some signatures with colored ink in the British colonies in America began with this issue. £25,000 was authorized on June 29, 1710 and £15,000 on July 28, 1710. By the Nov. 4, 1710 Act all 20s bills dated Nov. 21, 1702 were called in due to counterfeiting and £15,000 in new 20s bills to replace them. Signers were Samuel Checkley, John Clark, Elisha Hutchinson, Samuel Sewall, and Penn Townsend.

For clarity the illustrated back is from a different bill than the face.

3s ▷CF◁
3s6d ▷CF◁
10s ▷CF◁
20s ▷CF◁ Very Fine $10350 Stack’s May, 2004 (Counterfeit)
40s ▷CF◁ 

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