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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1713 October 14 Low Denomination Plate successively redated 1714, 1718, 1719, 1721, 1722, 1722, 1723, 1725, 1727, 1731, 1733, 1735, 1736, and 1740

Commencing with the issue authorized by the Nov. 4, 1714 Act the low denomination plate was redated from time to time as Acts for new emissions were approved. The existing dates were left unchanged and each new date separately added. Due to a lack of small money in circulation the lower denominations printed from this plate were halved and quartered by the public prior to June 15, 1722 when a committee was ordered to investigate the practice. Signers were Samuel Checkley, John Clark, Elisha Cooke, Addington Davenport, William Dudley, Elisha Hutchinson, John Jeffries, William Payne, John Quincy, Samuel Sewall, Penn Townsend, John Wainwright, J. Willard, and A. Winthrop. See May 26, 1714 redated issues for further detail.

12d (1s) Very Fine $6037 Stack’s May, 2004
1s6d (18d) Fine $4600 Stack’s May, 2004
24d (2s) Fine $4887 Stack’s May, 2004
2s6d (Half Crown)

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