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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1714 May 26

£30,000 in indented Bills issued pursuant to the June 25, 1714 Act to exchange for old bills. Engraved on a new copper face plate in similar style to the plates for the Oct. 14, 1713 issue. An engraved leaf design is on the back. The same signers appear as the Oct. 14, 1713 issue. In 1714 there was a plan projected by private individuals to establish a bank of credit for loans on real property as had been done by other American colonies. A £50,000 loan fund was therefore created by the Colony to stop the group from carrying out their plan. See May 26, 1714 redated issues for further detail on loans.

40s (£2) Pointed right end
£3 (60s) Heptagon
100s (£5) Unframed text ▷CF◁

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