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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1737

£2,625 in New Tenor (later Middle Tenor) small change Bills authorized by the July 7, 1737 Act. John Bushell cut the ornamented wood block borders and put his initials or name on each denomination. Pursuant to this Act, indenture cutting from the stubs was eliminated as impractical for this and the following Massachusetts issues. Printed by John Draper who used the identical printing form to show the face of all of the bills in the official printing of the statutes. Backs were typeset. Signers were William Dudley, John Jeffries, and J. Willard.

1d Winged figures [30,000] Very Fine $7187 Stack’s May, 2004
2d Angels with fruit [30,000] Very Fine $7187 Stack’s May, 2004
3d Lion [30,000] Fine $5750 Stack’s May 2004
4d Squirrel and turtle. JOHN BUSHELL SCULP [30,000]  Very Good $2185 Stack’s May 2004
5d Circular frame [30,000] Fine $3737 Stack’s May, 2004
6d Tree and Indian [30,000]
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