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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1750

£3,000 ($10,000) in lawful money change bills secured by a deposit of Spanish Dollars and approved by Act of Jan. 27, 1749/50. Fractional dollar denominations are added for convenience. Printed from decorative woodcut borders and set type. The vignettes consist of a pine tree, codfish and a balance with the motto RESTITUIT REM. (The situation has been restored). Signers were A. Bordman, Roland Cotton, J. Hutchinson, J. Quincy, and Samuel Watts. After Mar. 31, 1751 circulation of paper money of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut was prohibited in Massachusetts. Massachusetts’s paper money issues were severely restricted by the Act of Parliament of Sept. 21, 1751.

$1/72 (1d) Fine $3737 Stack’s May, 2004
$1/24 (3d)
$1/16 (4d) Extremely Fine $13800 Stack’s May, 2004
$1/12 (6d)
$1/8 (9d)
$1/4 (18d)
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