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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1775 May 25

£25,998 in indented Notes due on May 25, 1776 with 6% interest were authorized by the May 20, 1775 Resolve. An overrun of £254 was approved for issuance by the July 6, 1775 Resolve. Engraved by Paul Revere on three copper plates with three denominations on each plate. Below the vignette containing M B C (Massachusetts Bay Colony) for indenture are the words, AMERICAN PAPER. The same style of note was engraved by Revere for the New Hampshire issue dated June 20, 1775. Printed by Paul Revere on laid paper watermarked with a Crown over GR (Georgius Rex). The day and year of issue are in white and have varying oval and rectangular black background combinations. Signers were Jedediah Foster, Abraham Fuller, Henry Gardner, Thomas Plympton, James Prescott, Ezra Richmond, and Lemuel Robinson. By the Resolve of June 28, 1775 clarifying a Resolve of May 1, 1775 bills of credit of all other New England colonies, specifically excluding Nova Scotia and Canada became legal tender in Massachusetts.

6s [4,660]
9s [4,333]
10s [4,333]
12s [4,333]
14s [4,333]
15s [4,333]
16s [4,333]
18s (4,333]
20s [4,333]

Note, hole cancelled notes are worth much less than pen cancelled notes.

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