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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1775 December 7

£75,000 in “Sword in Hand” legal tender Bills printed by Paul Revere pursuant to the Dec. 22, 1775 Act. The two face plates and the two back plates of the Aug. 18, 1775 issue were altered by Revere to the extent necessary for the issue date change and the new denominations. All denominations except the 10s differ from the Aug. 18, 1775 issue and the changes are noted below. Through a printer’s error in placement of sheets upside down on the copper plate, some bills had different denominations on their face and back. The due date was changed on all plates to Dec. 7th, 1781, even though the Dec. 22, 1775 Act provided for £30,000 to be due Dec. 7, 1781 and £22,500 to be due Dec. 7, 1782 and £22,500 to be due Dec. 7, 1783. Only one due date was used, apparently because of contemplated refinancing and convenience. Within the serial number enclosure, the “No.” in all Aug. 18, 1775 bills was eliminated to create more space or fill in. The face plate for the lower eight denominations exists. The plate for the counterfeit 42s was found in and still remains in Montrose, Scotland. Signers were Joseph Batchelder, Jr., Joseph Cushing, Benjamin Ely, Daniel Hopkins, I. Morgan, William Pynchon, Thomas Rice, Dummer Sewall, and Joseph Wheeler.

8d [6,250] (Formerly 8s)
1s4d  [6,250] (Formerly 1s)
1s6d  [6,250] (Formerly 2s 6d)
2s8d  [6,250] (Formerly 2s)
3s Deemr. [6,250] (Formerly 6s)
3s4d  [6,250] (Formerly 7s 6d)
4s6d  [6,250] (Formerly 4s)
7s [6,250] (Formerly 5s)
10s [6,250] (No denomination change)
14s [6,250] (Formerly 11s)
16s [6,250] (Formerly 12s)
22s [6,250] (Formerly 17s)
28s [6,250] (Formerly 20s)
36s [6,250] ▷CF◁ (Formerly 30s)
42s [6,250] ▷CF◁ (Formerly 24s)
48s [6,250] (Formerly 40s)

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