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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1776 September 17

£50,004 in legal tender Bills of Credit were issued, payable by Dec. 7, 1781 and authorized by the Sept. 16, 1776 Act. The two engraved copper plates for the face and back of the high denominations of the Dec. 7, 1775 issue were further modified by Paul Revere for this emission by changing the issue date on both the face and the back and by changing COLONY to STATE in two places on the face. The due date of Dec. 7, 1781 was left unchanged. Signers were Jonathan Brown, Thomas Cooke, C. Davis, Jonas Dix, Ichabod Goodwin, Henry J. Hill, John Lewis, and John Murray.
10s [4,630]
14s [4,630] Very Fine $8,050 Stack’s May, 2005
16s [4,630]
22s [4,630] Fine $5,060 Stack’s May, 2005
28s [4,630]
36s [4,630] ▷CF◁
42s [4,630]
48s “recived” [4,630]
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