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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1776 November 17

£70,038 (£50,004 and £20,034) in legal tender Bills of Credit due by Dec. 7, 1781 and authorized by the Oct. 29, 1776 and Dec. 6, 1776 Acts. The two engraved copper plates previously used for Sept. 17, 1776 and prior issues were further modified by Paul Revere for this emission by changing the date and by changing MAGNA CHARTA to INDEPENDANCE and other spellings. This emission and all bills of 6s and over of prior issues were called for exchange by the Act of Oct. 13, 1777 and were to become unredeemable after Jan. 1, 1778. The redemption date was successively extended to Dec. 1, 1778 by the Acts of Dec. 13, 1777, April 3, 1778, and June 4, 1778. The mutilated back plate still exists and contains Revere’s engraving of “A View of Part of the Town of Boston ***” on the other side. Reprints were made from this mutilated back plate. Signers were Nehemiah Abbot, Nathan Adams, Nathaniel Barber, Jonathan Brown, David Cheever, Jonas Dix, William Drew, Ichabod Godwin, Jonathan Hastings, Jr., Israel Hobart, Thomas Ivers, Dummer Jewett, Joseph Noyes, Ezra Sergeant, and Jonathan Woods.

10s [6,485] ▷RP◁ Very Fine $8,050 Stack’s May, 2005
14s [6,485] ▷RP◁ Very Fine $7,475 Stack’s May, 2005
16s [6,485] ▷RP◁
22s [6,485] ▷RP◁
28s [6,485] Independence in three lines ▷RP◁
36s [6,485] ▷RP◁ Extremely Fine $16,675 Early American History Auctions Feb, 2006
42s [6,485] ▷RP◁ 
48s “recived” [6,485] ▷CF◁, ▷RP◁

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