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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1779

£20,000 in Substitute Denomination Bills emitted as part of the Oct. 16, 1778 issue, but payable by Dec. 1, 1782 pursuant to the Jan. 26, 1779 Act. Newly engraved face plate by Paul Revere with sun RISING. The backs contained set type and cast cuts of the pine tree previously used on Oct. 18, 1776 and Oct. 16, 1778 issues. The face plate exists. Revere printed only the engraved faces and Thomas Fleet printed the backs. A presentation proof impression of the backs exists. Signers were Jonathan Brown, Richard Cranch, Thomas Dawes, and, George Partridge. Some bills are hole cancelled.

1s [9,411] ▷RP◁
1s6d [9,411] ▷RP◁
2s [9,411] ▷RP◁
2s6d [9,411] ▷RP◁
3s [9,411] ▷RP◁
3s6d [9,411] ▷RP◁
4s [9,411] ▷RP◁
4s6d [9,411] ▷RP◁
4s8d [9,411] ▷RP◁
5s [9,411] ▷RP◁
5s4d [9,411] ▷RP◁
5s6d [9,411] ▷RP◁

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