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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1785 June 21 Massachusetts Bank

$255,000 in engraved Bank Notes, which were limited in redemption to payment of debts due the Bank and to payment in specie only on the liquidation of the Bank. Approved on June 21, 1785, but withdrawn after Jan. 2, 1786 because of unacceptability. To deter alteration the number of vertical lines consisted of one more than the number of letters in the denomination in the text. The position of the denomination in the text was moved on the higher denomination bills to other positions on the bills. Signers were James Coffin Jones, as president, and Peter Roe Dalton, as cashier. See prior issue for reprint data.

$5 [1,000] ▷RP◁ $15 [1,000] ▷RP◁ $25 [1,000] ▷RP◁ $50 [1,000] ▷RP◁ 
$10 [1,000] ▷RP◁ $20 [1,000] ▷RP◁ $30 [1,000] ▷RP◁ $100 [1,000] ▷RP◁ 
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