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Early Paper Money of America / Massachusetts / 1713 October 14

£10,000 in indented Bills issued pursuant to the Nov. 10, 1713 Act to call in all prior issues of 3s6d and 10s bills because of counterfeits in circulation. Engraved on two new copper face plates with the denominations protected by the shape of the frame around the text. An engraved leaf design is on the back. No red overprint. In order to provide small money this issue included two denominations lower than theretofore issued. See subsequent redated issues for halving and quartering practices. Signers were Samuel Checkley, John Clark, Addington Davenport, Elisha Hutchinson, Samuel Sewall, and Penn Townsend.

1s Trapezoid    
1s6d Octagon        
2s Semicircular scallops
2s6d Irregular hexagon
5s Arched vault
10s Oval
20s Mushroom top
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