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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1777 April 10 in Black

£200,000 in Bills issued pursuant to the Mar. 20, 1777 Act for army support. Arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania were introduced on money. Pence denominations are small in size, each plate letter variety having a different face border. All higher denominations have a new oblong shape and a cast cut of the same farming scene on the back. Printed by John Dunlap in black on paper watermarked PENSYL on one line and VANIA below. By the Mar. 3, 1778 Act all prior issues were to be exchanged for this issue by June 1, 1778. By the Acts of Dec. 23, 1780, April 7, 1781, and Dec. 4, 1789 this and prior issues were exchangeable at 75 for 1 and were to become invalid after Jan. 1, 1791. Bills numbered in red ink. Signers were Philip Alberti, Frederick Antes, Benjamin Betterton, John Browne, Levi Budd, James Cannon, James Davidson (Davison), Caleb Davis, William Evans, Joseph Gardner, Andrew Hodge, Isaac Howell, Whitehead Humphreys, Benjamin Jacobs, William Kenly, Henry Leuthauser, Robert Loller, Joseph Parker, Michael Shubart, Samuel Smith, Isaac Snowden, William Thorne, William Will, and John Young, Jr. One signer is on the eight lowest denominations and two signers are on the others, with one signature and numbering usually in red ink.

3d Plate A, Pennsylvania [50,000]
3d Plate B, Pennsylvania [50,000]
3d Plate C, Pennsylvania [50,000]
4d Plate A, Pennsylvania [50,000]
4d Plate B, Pennsylvania [50,000]
4d Plate C, Pennsylvania [50,000]
6d Plate A, Pennsylvania [50,000]
6d Plate B, Pennsylvania [50,000]
6d Plate C, Pennsylvania [50,000]
9d Plate A, Pennsylvania [50,000]
9d Plate B, Pennsylvania [50,000]
9d Plate C, Pennsylvania [50,000]
1s Pennsylvania [30,000]
1s6d Pennsylvania [30,000]
2s Pennsylvania [30,000]
3s Pennsylvania [30,000]
4s Pennsylvania [30,000]
6s Pennsylvania [30,000]
8s Pennsylvania [30,000]
12s Pennsylvania [30,000]
16s Pennsylvania [30,000]
20s Pennsylvania [30,000]
40s Pennsylvania [12,670]
40s Back of £4
£4 Pennsylvania [12,665]
£4 Back of 40s

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