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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1775 October 25

£22,000 in Bills issued pursuant to the Sept. 30, 1775 Resolve. The Penn Arms are on all denominations. The four lowest denominations are small in size and have typeset backs. The 2s6d has a chevron design on the back. All others have nature prints on the back. The number of Crowns is keyed to the four highest denominations. See August 10, 1739 for spelling and type style variations. Printed on paper containing mica flakes and blue silk threads. Signers were Abel Evans, Henry Hale Graham, Adam Grubb, Isaac Howell, Richard Humphreys, Charles Jervis, Francis Johnston, Philip Kinsey, John Knowles, Thomas Shoemaker, Thomas Tilbury, and Jonathan Warder. One signer is on the four lowest denominations and three signers are on the others, one signature and numbering usually in red ink.

3d Plate letters A, B & C, Pennsylvania [15,849]
4d Plate letters A, B & C, Pennsilvania [15,849]
6d Plate letters A, B & C, Pensylvania [15,850]
9d Plate letters A, B & C, Pensilvania [15,849]
1s S for Smither in top border, Pensylvania [15,849]
18d Pennsilvania [15,849]
2s Pensylvania [15,849]
2s6d (Half Crown) Plate A, Pennsylvania [15,849]
5s (Crown) Pennsylvania [6,000]
10s Pennsylvania [6,000]
15s Pensilvania [6,000]
20s PENSYLVANIA [6,000]
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