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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1760 May 1

£100,000 in Bills authorized by the April 12, 1760 Act. The two highest denominations are printed in red and black on both face and back by Benjamin Franklin and David Hall. The pence denominations are small in size and have typeset backs. The number of crowns is keyed to the denominations from 5s through 20s. Detector specimens were printed on blue paper. An Act of April 17, 1761 for an additional £30,000 in 50s and £5 bills was disapproved by the Governor.

Signers of issues from Oct. 1, 1755 through May 1, 1760 were John Baynton, Daniel Benezet, James Benezet, Thomas Bourne, George Bryan, Robert Bully, Samuel Burge, Stephen Carmick, Thomas Carpenter, Peter Chevalier, James Child, Matthew Clarkson, Thomas Clifford, Redmond Conyngham, Thomas Coombe, Jacob Cooper, Thomas Crosby, Thomas Davis, Matthew Drason, Jacob Duche, Edward Duffield, James Eddy, George Emlen, Jonathan Evans, William Fisher, Plunket Fleeson, Enoch Flower, Joseph Fox, Joseph Galloway, Thomas Gordon, William Grant, Isaac Greenleafe, William Griffiths, Henry Harrison, Samuel Hazard, Joseph Hilborn, William Hopkins, Joshua Howell, Samuel Howell, John Hughes, Charles Humphreys, James Humphreys, Abel James, John Jervis, Charles Jones, Isaac Jones, Owen Jones, Edmund Kearney, Joseph King, Jacob Lewis, William Logan, John Lynn, Joseph Marriott, Charles Meredith, Thomas Moore, Evan Morgan, Joseph Morris, Luke Morris, Samuel Morris, William Morris, Jr., George Morrison, Samuel Neave, George Okill, John Ord, Joseph Parker, Isaac Paschall, Richard Pearne, James Pemberton, Edward Penington, Francis Rawle, Joseph Redman, Peter Reeve, John Reynell, John Rhea, Samuel Rhoads, Jr., Joseph Richardson, Daniel Roberdeau, Hugh Roberts, Daniel Rundle, Samuel Sansom, Joseph Saunders, Thomas Say, John Sayre, William Shippen, Atwood Shute, Buckridge Sims, John Smith, Samuel Smith, Thomas Smith, Charles Stedman, Joseph Stretch, Amos Strettell, John Swift, John Taylor, Charles Thomson, Thomas Tilbury, William Vanderspiegel, James Wharton, Joseph Wharton, Jr., Samuel Wharton, Thomas Wharton, Daniel Williams, Richard Wister, Stephen Woolley, and Thomas Yorke.

(See August 10, 1739 issue for spelling and type style variations)

3d Plate letters A, B & C, Pennsilvania [10,909] ▷DT◁
4d Plate letters A, B & C, Pensylvania [10,909] ▷DT◁
6d Plate letters A, B & C, Pennsylvania [10,909] ▷DT◁
9d Plate letters A, B & C [10,909]
5s Plate letters A & B, Pensilvania [9,900]
10s Plate letters A & B, Pennsilvania. Mirror image “S” on columns [9,900]
15s Plate letters A & B, Pennsylvania [9,900]
20s Plate letters A & B, Pensylvania [9,900] ▷CF◁
50s Plate letters C & D, Pensylvania [9,900]

£5 Plate letters A & B, Pennsylvania [9,900] ▷CF◁

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