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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1758 May 20

£100,000 in legal tender Bills authorized by the April 22, 1758 Act and good until Mar. 1, 1764. These were similar in form to the Jan. 1, 1756 issue. The four lowest denominations have blank backs. The four highest denominations have the same assignment of nature prints as the Jan. 1, 1756 and intervening issues. The number of Crowns is keyed to each of the highest denominations. See August 10, 1739 issue for spelling and type style variations. Printed by Benjamin Franklin and David Hall. Signers are included under the May 1, 1760 issue.

1s [14,290]
18d [14,285]
2s [14,285]
2s6d [14,285]
5s Plate letters A & B, Pensilvania [38,000] Extremely Fine $5,750 Stack’s May, 2004
10s Plate letters A & B, Pennsilvania. Mirror image “S” on columns [38,000]
15s Plate letters A & B, Pennsylvania [38,000]
20s Plate letters A & B, Pensylvania [38,000]
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