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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1746 August 1

£5,000 in legal tender Bills authorized by the June 24, 1746 Act to replace worn bills of prior issues and to be current until Oct. 15, 1762. Pence denominations are small in size and contain type set in curved lines. Part of text can be read in any position. Bills of 20s are similar to the Aug. 10, 1739 issue and have the same nature print on the back. Printed by Benjamin Franklin. Signers were John Hall, Joseph Harvey, James Mitchell, James Morris, and Joseph Trotter. Three signers are on the 20s and two signers on the others. Only one signer appears to have been used on the others.

4d [30,000]
6d Pennsylvania [30,000]  Very Good $7,187 Stack’s May, 2004 
9d [30,000]
20s Plate letters A, B, C & D, Pensilvania [2,625]
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