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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1729 September 15

£30,000 in indented legal tender Loan Office Bills approved by the Act of May 10, 1729 and due on Sept. 15, 1745, by which date the 16 year secured loan for which the bills were issued were to be repaid. Printed by Andrew Bradford, although Benjamin Franklin erroneously claimed that he printed the bills. Blank backs. Signers were Abraham Chapman, Edward Horne, John Parry, and Thomas Treese.

1s  [10,500]
1s6d [17,000]
2s  [12,000] Fine $7,187 Stack’s May, 2004 
2s6d [4,000]
5s  [16,000] ▷CF◁
10s  [12,000]
15s  [2,000]
20s  [15,000]

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