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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1731 April 10

£40,000 in legal tender Bills approved Feb. 6, 1730/31 along with authority to reemit £45,000 in prior issues. Printed by Benjamin Franklin. Signers were Job Goodson, Thomas Griffiths, Joseph Kirkbride, and John Parry. When Franklin in 1729, at age 23, wrote “A Modest Enquiry Into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency”, it was so greatly respected by the public that he was given printing contracts by the Province.

1s [4,000]
1s6d [4,000]
2s [5,000]
2s6d [8,000]
5s [12,000]
10s [10,000]
15s [8,000] ▷CF◁
20s [24,000] ▷CF◁
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