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Early Paper Money of America / New Hampshire / 1709

£8,000 (£5,000 to pay existing obligations and £3,000 additional) in indented Bills of Credit approved Dec. 5, 1709 and receivable for taxes at face value plus 5% interest. Known as “ciphered bills” or “red figured bills” from the large red monogram AR (Anna Regina) appearing on the face in a normal and mirror image combination. The same monogram also appears on contemporaneous issues of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Engraved and printed by Jeremiah Dummer of Boston using two face plates of four denominations each. The paper was obtained from the Society of Stationers in England. Blank backs. An additional issue of £2,500 was approved on Dec. 2, 1710, £2,000 on Oct. 10, 1711, £500 on Oct. 15, 1712, and £1,200 on May 14, 1714. £1,000 in bills paid into the Treasury as taxes were reissued pursuant to the May 14, 1711 Act. Credit for 5% interest was cancelled by the Act of May 12, 1711. Signers were Theodore Atkinson, Mark Hunking, Samuel Penhallow, Charles Story, and William Vaughan. Six other denominations were issued.

The British Arms bear the motto HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (Evil to him who evil thinks).


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