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Early Paper Money of America / New Hampshire / 1717 May 20 redated 1729

£1,700 in indented Bills of Credit which had already been “imprest” was approved by the Sept. 1, 1730 Act. Identical to prior issues but with 1729 added to face plates without disturbing prior dates. £700 in bills in the Treasury had been reissued pursuant to the Dec. 19, 1729 Act. The faceplates and the CNH back plate still exist. Signers are the same as the previous issue.

1s Boar ▷RP◁
1s6d Bear ▷RP◁
4s6d Camel ▷RP◁
15s Cod ▷RP◁
25s Double headed eagle ▷CF◁, ▷RP◁
30s Stag ▷RP◁
£3 10s Pine Tree ▷RP◁
£4 Native American ▷CF◁, ▷RP◁

As to the £4 bill, see the Native American in similar dress on the Georgia 1762 5s and the 1775 £5 issues.
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