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Early Paper Money of America / New Hampshire / 1742 April 3 redated 1743

£25,000 in New Tenor legal tender Bills authorized by the April 3, 1742 Act subject to Crown approval which came June 2, 1743. Used for mortgage loans. The date “1743” was added to the faceplates of the prior issue and the silver equivalent remained unchanged. The backs of the four highest denominations are the same as on the prior issue and bear the same Old Tenor equivalent. Inflation increased the price of silver from 6s8d to 8s per ounce late in 1743. See April 3, 1742 issue for plate and printing data. Signers were Thomas Atkinson, John Downing, John Gage, Samuel Gilman, Clement Jackson, George Jaffrey, Jotham Odiorne, Jr., Thomas Parker, Joshua Peirce, Eleazer Russell, Joseph Sherburne, and Andrew Wiggin.

6d (1 dwt., 12gr.) [4,839]
1s (3 dwt.) [4,839]
2s6d (7 dwt., 12 gr.) [4,839]
6s (18 dwt.) [4,839]
7s6d (1 oz., 2 dwt., 12 gr.) (£1 10s O.T.) [12,500]
10s (1 oz., 10 dwt.) (£2 0. T.) [12,500]
20s (3 oz.) (£4 O.T.) [12,500]
40s (6 oz.) (£80.T.) [12,500] ▷CF◁
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