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Early Paper Money of America / New Hampshire / 1755 April 3

£30,000 in New Tenor Bills of Credit authorized by the April 11, 1755 Act to use for the Crown Point expedition, the exchange being 15s N.T. for one Spanish Dollar or 333 N.T. to 100 in specie. These were receivable with 1% interest for taxes. There was £23,000 in bills issued from the large denomination plate and £7,000 from the small denomination plate. The six bills on the small denomination plate are smaller in size than those on the large denomination plate. PRO ARIS & FOCIS (For altars and the hearth) and CROWN POINT are on all bills. An additional £1,800 in bills was approved for issuance on April 1, 1756 and a remainder of £5,760 in bills was reapproved for issue. Signers were Theodore Atkinson, Peter Gilman, Jacob Hurd, Nathaniel Hurd, John Purnase, Henry Sherburne, and Mesech Weare.

6d (2s O.T., $1/30) Squirrel in tree [6,748 plus]
1s (4s O.T., $1/15) Rabbit [6,748 plus]
3s (12s O.T., $1/5) Rooster [6,748 plus]
3s9d (15s O.T., $1/4) Bird flying [6,748 plus]
5s (20s O.T., $1/3) Bird on tree [6,748 plus]
7s6d (30s O.T., $1/2) Bird on ground [6,748 plus]
10s (40s O.T., $2/3) Fox [4,000 plus]
15s (60s O.T., $1) Squirrel [4,000 plus]
30s (£6 O.T., $2) Stag [4,000 plus]
£3 (£12 O.T., $4)    Wings [4,000 plus]
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