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Early Paper Money of America / New Hampshire / 1717 May 20

£15,000 in indented Bills of Credit authorized on May 18, 1717 for 11-year loans at 10% interest and secured by real estate mortgages. Redeemable when money was in the Treasury. Engraved by Jeremiah Dummer of Boston on two copper faceplates of four denominations each and two back plates. The three lowest denominations and the 25s were on one faceplate while the three highest denominations and the 15s were on the other faceplate. English Arms were on lower left within various ornamental frames keyed to the denominations and no vignettes in the signature area as found on later issues. Signers were John Gilman, George Jaffrey, and Joseph Smith.

1s    1s6d    4s6d    15s ▷CF◁    25s    30s    £3 10s    £4
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