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Early Paper Money of America / New Hampshire / 1759

Bills of Credit bearing 2 1/2% interest and payable in Sterling Bills of exchange were authorized because silver rose to 30s New Tenor per ounce against a nominal value of 17s6d per ounce. This created three separate standards of value for notes simultaneously in circulation, Old Tenor, New Tenor, and Sterling. The Sterling Bills were hoarded and were valued at 6 1/4 N.T. for one or 25 O.T. for one. The first emission of Sterling Bills was £5,000 out of £15,000 authorized on May 23, 1759. The second emission of £8,000 was approved for printing on Nov. 1, 1759 and apparently issued. The balance was not issued. Printed from set type by Joseph Newmarch. Signers were Theodore Atkinson, C. Gilman, Clement March, Daniel Warner, and Richard Wibird.

6d    1s    2s6d    10s
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