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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1724 July 10

£6,630 in indented legal tender Bills of Credit approved on July 24, 1724 and good until July 1, 1729. Money of account replaced silver as the basis for this and future emissions. These were extended to Dec. 31, 1739 by the Act of Nov. 28, 1735. The denomination is cut into the top scroll design and also placed within the Arms of the City of New York. Multiple type fonts were used. These were printed by William Bradford, with the same signers as the previous issue.

1s3d (15d) [5,000] Almost Good $6,037 Stack’s May, 2004
3s9d [4,000]
7s6d [3,000] ▷CF◁
14s [1,495]
£1 12s [800]
£3 4s [380]
£3 12s [250] ▷CF◁
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