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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1724 July 22

£3,000 in indented legal tender Bills of Credit approved by the July 24, 1724 Act to replace worn bills and good until July 1, 1729. The top wood cut has a semicircular cut out to write in the year of the issue of the bill, which was replaced. Generally the same form as previous issue. Printed by William Bradford. These notes contain the same signers as the previous issue. The due date was extended as in the previous issue.

1s Colonly [4,000]
1s6d [3,000]
2s [2,000]
2s6d [1,800]
3s [2,000]
3s6d [2,000]
4s [2,000]
6s [1,000]
8s [800]
12s [800]
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