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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1726 November 16

£3,000 in indented legal tender Bills of Credit approved on Nov. 11, 1726 to replace worn bills. These were extended to Nov. 1, 1757 by the Act of Oct. 25, 1739. Smaller in size than the prior issues, but with the same Arms cut. The top wood cut has a semi-circular cut out to write in the year of the issue of the bill, which was replaced. Signers were Stephen DeLancey, Robert Livingston, Jr., Frederick Philpse, and Anthony Rutgers.
By the Act of April 8, 1748, the requirement of a examination or recording of the cutout at the top of redeemed bills before cancellation by burning was waived due to the tattered condition of many of them.

1s [2,000]
1s3d [1,600]
1s6d [3,000]
2s [2,000]
2s6d [1,800]
3s [2,000]
3s6d [2,000]
4s [2,000]
6s [1,000]
8s [800]
12s [800]
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