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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1775 September 2

$112,500 (£45,000) in legal tender Bills of Credit payable in Spanish milled dollars, one-half on Mar. 1, 1776 and the balance on Mar. 1, 1777 pursuant to the Sept. 2, 1775 Resolution. The due dates were subsequently extended for one year. Newly engraved border, Arms, and emblem cuts on the face and back. The emblems and mottoes were copied from an emblem book by J. C. Weigels. The warning to counterfeiters was discontinued. Printed on thick paper by John Holt. Signers were Garrit Abeel, Evert Bancker, Anthony L. Bleecker, Abraham Brinckerhoff, John Broome, Jeremiah Brower, William Demming, Abraham Livingston, A. Mesier, Eleazer Miller, Jr., Robert Ray, John Reade, John Sebring, Thomas Tucker, and Theodore Van Wyck. Originally three signers were required but this was reduced to two signers by the Dec. 16, 1775 Resolution.

$1/2 Planting a tree. POSTERITATE [5,000]
$1 Sheaf of wheat. ACERVUS E PARVIS GRANDIS [10,000]
$2 Pair of storks. SALUTARIS SIBI PARENTIBUSQUE [5,000]
$3 Ten Commandments. LEX REGIT ARMA TUENTUR [5,000]
$5 Candelabrum. UNO EODEMQUE IGNI [5,000]
$10 Elephant. PAR VIRIBUS VIRTUS [5,000]

(Mottoes are translated under the March 5, 1776 issue.)
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