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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1776 March 5

£55,000 ($137,500) in legal tender Bills of Credit were issued with one-third payable respectively on Mar. 1, 1779, Mar. 1, 1780 and Mar. 1, 1781. Approved by the Mar. 5, 1776 Resolution but 6,000 additional $1/a bills were ratified by the Aug. 13, 1776 Resolution raising the total to $138,250. Similar in form to the Sept. 2, 1775 issue, but on the new fractional denominations the emblems and mottoes are very small and are also copied from an emblem book by J. C. Weigels. They were printed on thick paper by Samuel Loudon. The signers were Jacob Abramse, Thos. Arden, Jr., Frank Bassett, Luke Bassett, John Bathram, Peter Byvanck, G. Cornell, A. W. DePeyster, Daniel Dunscomb, Jr., Jacob K. Duryee, C. Duyckinck, Jr., Nicholas Fish, George Hazard, William Heyer, James Jarvis, Henry H. Kip, John H. Kip, Peter Keteltas, Jr., Abraham C. Lott, Phillip Lott, Jonathan Marschalk, John Oothout, Cornelius Ray, Samuel Ray, W. Remsen, John I. Roosevelt, N. Roosevelt, P. Schermerhorn, Robert Smith, Andrew Stockholm, John H. Thompson, Abraham Van Alstyne, A. Van Tuyl, Abraham Van Wyck, Peter Van Zandt, William Willcocks, Josh. Winter and J. Woodward.

$1/8 (1s) Fire. NON DIU (Not for long) [30,000]
$1/6 (1s4d) Stork. NE IMPROVISO (Not unexpectedly) [30,000]
$1/4 (2s) Book and candle. CLARET AB ICTU (It shines from use) [30,000]
$1/3 (2s8d) Three wreaths. HIS ORNARI AUT MORI (To be decorated with these or to die) [30,000]
$1/2 Planting a tree. POSTERITATE (For posterity) [30,000]
$2/3 (5s4d) Eagle. FORTIS A FORTE (Strength comes from strength) [30,000]
$1 Sheaf of wheat. ACERVUS E PARVIS GRANDIS (Great accumulation from small things) [30,000]
$2 Pair of storks. SALUTARIS SIBI PARENTIBUSQUE (Fortunate for itself and its parents) [2,350]
$3 Ten Commandments. LEX REGIT ARMA TUENTUR (Law rules, weapons protect) [2,350]
$5 Candelabrum. UNO EODEMQUE IGNI (With one and the same flame) [2,350]
$10 Elephant. PAR VIRIBUS VIRTUS (Virtue is equal to strength) [2,350]
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