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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1776 August 13

$500,000 (£200,000) in legal tender Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the Aug. 13, 1776 Resolution. Same form and emblems as the Mar. 5, 1776 issue but the warning to counterfeiters is reinstated. As in contemporaneous Continental Currency issues the $1 denomination was omitted in anticipation of coined Continental silver dollars. Printed by Samuel Loudon on thick paper. Signers were Matthew Adgate, Abraham B. Bancker, Evert Bancker, Abraham K. Beekman, William Beekman, Jr., C. Crygier, Archibald Currie, David Currie, William I. Elsworth, Jonathan Goodwin, Robert King, Jonathan Lawrence, A. Mesier, Benjamin Newkerk, D. Roper, B. Sebring, Jr., Isaac Sebring, J. J. Sebring, Johannes Sleght, L. Thiersted, Benjamin Verplank, J. V. Voorhis, Jr., Alexander Webster, and Josh. Winter.

$1/16 (6d) [105,868]
$1/8 (1s) Fire. NON DIU [105,867]
$1/4 (2s) Book and candle. CLARET AB ICTU [105,867]
$1/2 (4s) Planting a tree. POSTERITATE [105,866]
$2 Pair of storks. SALUTARIS SIBI PARENTIBUSQUE [20,000] 
$3 Ten Commandments. LEX REGIT ARMA TUENTUR [20,000]
$5 Candelabrum. UNO EODEMQUE IGNI [20,000]
$10 Elephant. PAR VIRIBUS VIRTUS [20,000]  

(Mottoes are translated under the March 5, 1776 issue)
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