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Early Paper Money of America / North Carolina / 1748 April 4 Act

£21,350 in indented Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the April 4, 1748 Act which provided for redemption of all outstanding bills at 7 1/2 in old bills for 1 in new bills. New bills were made legal tender at Proclamation Money rates, namely 4s in new bills to 3s sterling. The balance was to be expended for fortifications and public debts. Printed from engraved copper plates. Signers were Eleazer Allen, Edward Moseley, John Starkey, and Samuel Swann.

4d Denomination in circle [2,000]
8d Denomination in circle [2,000]
1s Denomination in circle [2,000]
1s6d Denomination in circle [2,000]
2s Thistle [2,000]
2s6d Crowned Rose [2,000]
3s Plumes [2,000]
5s Crown [2,000]
6s Fleur de Lys [2,000]
7s6d Harp [2,000]
9s Crowned Lion [2,000]
10s Horse [2,000]
15s Rampant Lion [2,000]
20s Unicorn [2,000]
30s Winged Stirrup [2,000]
40s Drum, cannon & flags [2,000]
£3 Fort Johnson & Union Jack [2,000]
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