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Early Paper Money of America / North Carolina / 1754 March 9 Act

£40,000 in indented Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the March 9, 1754 Act and being legal tender at Proclamation Money rates. The aggregate value of the authorized number of each denomination is only £39,650 instead of the £40,000 total specified. The unusual denominations of 2s8d and 26s8d are respectively 8 groats and 80 groats, the groat (4d) being the lowest circulating denomination. Printed from engraved copper plates. Signers were Lewis De Rosset, John Starkey, John Swann, and Samuel Swann.

4d Key [10,333]
4d Mountain Lion [10,333]
4d Monogram [10,333]
8d Butterfly [20,000]
8d Boar [20,000]
1s Swan [10,000]
1s Bear [10,000]
1s N.C. monogram [10,000]
2s8d Snail [11,000]
4s Monogram [10,000]
5s Squirrel [8,000]
10s Bird [8,000]
15s Armor [6,000]
20s Crown [6,000]
26s8d Bible [4,000]
30s House [4,000] ▷CF◁
40s Christ Church at Newbern [2,500] ▷CF◁
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