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Early Paper Money of America / North Carolina / 1771 December Act

£60,000 in Debenture Bills issued pursuant to the Dec. 1771 Act and payable at Proclamation Money rates. The three highest denominations are larger than the other denominations. Printed from engraved plates containing a vignette in the lower left corner. Signers were Richard Caswell, Lewis De Rosset, John Harvey, and John Rutherfurd.

The blank backs of £1 and higher denominations usually contain the stamped name of I. ASHE (John Ashe, Treasurer of the Southern District of North Carolina) or the written name of Montfort (Joseph Montfort, Treasurer of the Northern District of North Carolina). The front sometimes has written initials such as IXØ. These apparently were used as an issue control feature.

1s Basket of fruit [20,000]
2s6d Duck [16,000]
2s6d House. Shading on house strengthened in late printing [16,000]
5s Quill pens [20,000]
10s Ship. Shading on ship strengthened in late printing [10,000]
£1 Bear representing the constellation Ursa Minor. Shading on bear strengthened in late printing [10,000]
30s Hand holding falchion [4,000] ▷CF◁
£2 Bird with olive branch. PAX REDDITA (Peace restored) MAY 1771 [5,000] ▷CF◁
£3 MAGNA CHARTA [3,000] 
£5 Drum, cannon & flags [2,000]
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