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Early Paper Money of America / North Carolina / 1780 May 10 Act

£1,240,000 ($3,100,000) in legal tender Bills of Credit authorized by the May 10, 1780 Act giving the Governor the right to issue more bills. The Governor apparently added to the issue of $25, $100 and $500 bills and created the new denominations of $200, $300, $400, and $600. Printed from type on both thick and thin paper by James Davis. Printed backs. Signers were John Ashe, Waightsill Avery, Jonathan Cooke, J. W. Caron, James Coore, David Cox, Jr., M. Frank, James Green, Jr., Is. Guion, Joseph Leech, and H. Vipon. This issue and many prior issues depreciated to 800 for 1 and some remained in circulation as depreciated into the nineteenth century.

$25 DULCE PRO PATRIA MORI (It is pleasing to die for one’s country) [8,000 plus]
$25 HORA PACIS & LIBERTATIS APPROPINQUAT (The time for peace and freedom is approaching). In the text the S is omitted from DOLLARS [8,000]
$25 JUSTITIA ADDIT FIDUCIAM (Justice adds trust) [8,000]
$25 QUID NON VIRTUTE EFFICIENDUM (What is not to be accomplished by virtue) [8,000 plus]
$25 TERRA LIBERA NOTAM PRAETII IN ME POSUIT (A free land placed a mark of value on me). Center bar of F in FIVE missing [8,000]
$25 VIM VI REPELLAMUS (By force let us repel force) [8,000]
$50 FUNDAMENTUM MIHI AERE PERENNIUS (A foundation for me more enduring than bronze)
$100 FORTIS CADERE CEDERE NON POTEST (A brave man cannot fall) [5,000 plus]
$200 UT QUOCUNQUE PARATUS (As prepared in every way)
$250 QUAERENDA PECUNIA PRIMUM EST (Money has to be sought first). “T” in “This” in ornamented box [1,000]
$250 QUAERENDA PECUNIA PRIMUM EST. “T” in “This” not boxed [1,000]
$300 AUT NUMQUAM TENTES AUT PERFICE (Either finish or never begin)
$400 MUTARE VEL TIMERE SPERNO (I refuse to change or to fear)
$500 DIVITIAE REIPUBLICAE DANT MIHI PRETIUM (The wealth of the republic gives me value). “T” in “This” in ornamented box [500]
$500 DIVITIAE REIPUBLICAE DANT MIHI PRETIUM “T” in “This” not boxed [500 plus]
$600 CRESCIT SUB PONDERE VIRTUS (Virtue grows under pressure)
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