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Early Paper Money of America / Pennsylvania / 1769 March 1

£16,000 in Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the Feb. 18, 1769 Act. Penn Arms are on the face and nature prints are on the back. See August 10, 1739 issue for spelling and type style variations. Called for redemption because of the extensive circulation of excellent counterfeits. Printed by David Hall and William Sellers. The face states that the bills are indented, but they are not. This custom continued on many instruments. Signers were John Gibson, Jr., Isaac Greenleafe, Isaac Jones, John Nixon, Israel Pemberton, John Reynell, Joseph Richardson, Daniel Roberdeau, and Thomas Wharton. Herman Rosencrantz was executed in Philadelphia on May 5, 1770 for counterfeiting the £3 denomination of this issue.

8s Pensilvania [1,000]
12s Pensylvania [1,000]
£1 10s (30s) Plate letters A, B & C, Pennsylvania [4,000] ▷CF◁
£3 Plate letters A & B, Pennsilvania [3,000] ▷CF◁
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