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Wayne Homren Numismatic Postcards (Dealers)

Dealers include David Bullowa, Henry Christensen, Cleveland Stamp Auctions, Francis Contino, Coin Galleries, Coopers of Dayton, Croghan, Dealer's Digest, Frank DiMambro, William P. Donlon, Federal Coin Exchange, A. J. Fink, John J. Ford, Jr., Gimbels Coin Deparment, L. Gold, Hercamimy Enterprises, Hollinbeck Coin Company, Fred G. Hunter, Imperial Coin Company, Robert S. Ittelson, Oliver James, S. J. Kabaelo, Art Kelley, Jame Kelly, A. Kosoff, Fred Kraemer, Abner Kreisberg and M. F. Schulman, A. T. LeBarron, Lake Worth Coin Co., Leo's Coin Shop, Linn's Weekly Stamp News, M. Mann, Maricoin Company, Lester Merkin, New Netherlands, Numismatic Enterprises, Numismatic Gallery, Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine, Oneida Country Coin, Overton Coin Company, International Coin Company, J. P. Randall, Philly Stamp Company, Lu Riggs, Hans M. F. Schulman, Sidney W. Smith, Robert G. Sommers, James N. Wagner, Wahl Arms Company, and Tom Wass.
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