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American Numismatic Society

American Numismatic Society archival items, chiefly representing correspondence. Finding aid:

1858: Membership cards, 1858 - c. 1940.

1858-1908: Includes early member correspondence by year.

1858: Indexes to Early ANS Correspondence, 1858-1908.

1865: Lincoln Medal Subscription Letters, 1865-1866.

1873: Additional ANS Correspondence, 1873-1901.

1874: Letterpress Copybook #1, December 1874-April 1886.

1874: Additional Isaac Wood correspondence, 1874-1879, 1891-1893.

1881: Letters and postcards to ANS President Charles E. Anthon Regarding Coin Values.

1881: A public attack on Gaston L. Feuardent launched by Genl. Luigi Palma di Cesnola.

1885: Letter of Matthew Stickney, including an 1809 Autograph Paper of Jacob Perkins, Die-Maker of Massachusetts.

1886: Letterpress Copybook #2, April 1886-March 1896.

1889: Includes location change questionnaires.

1890: Includes membership survey questionnaires.

1890-1909: ANS Treasurer Charles Pryer correspondence, by year.

1898: Letter from Charles Porter Nichols, Containing an Old Historic Document of 1734.

1902: Additional ANS Correspondence. 

1905: Letterpress Copybook #3.

1906: Letters to ANS Secretary H. Russell Drowne Regarding Coin Values, 1906-1908.

1908: Indexes to Correspondence of Various ANS Members, ca. 1908-1914.

2005: Margo Russell oral history.


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    A Conversation with Irene Soto Marín 2021

    A Conversation with Irene Soto Marín

    Season 2 of The Planchet podcast kicks off with a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Irene Soto Marín, Assistant Curator of Numismatics at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and Assistant Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan. We discuss her work at the Kelsey with its rich collections of ancient coins and papyri (and related archaeological documentation), Linked Open Data (LOD), the value of the ANS's Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar in Numismatics, and advice to early career researchers (ECRs) on building a professional network and tips for time-management.

    The ANS in the Time of COVID 2021

    The ANS in the Time of COVID

    Season 2, Episode 2 does something never before attempted in exactly one year of the Planchet: it was recorded live and in-person in New York. Host Andrew Reinhard conducted brief interviews with seven ANS staff members to learn what it was like working from home as a curator, photographer, or librarian, how it felt coming back to the office for the first time after months away, and what current projects are underway as things approach a sense of "normal." Each interview was conducted safely with masks at a physical distance of six feet.

    A Conversation with David Hendin 2021

    A Conversation with David Hendin

    Season 2, Episode 3 features an interview with David Hendin, ANS Trustee and long-time friend, scholar, and collector. The 6th edition of his book, A Guide to Biblical Coins, will be published by the American Numismatic Society in the summer of 2021. In this episode, Hendin recalls how he began collecting and studying coins, offers some advice on cleaning (and not cleaning) ancient coins, shares some stories of his encounters with dealers in Jerusalem, and talks about what's new in the latest edition of his Guide.

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