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David Lisot (1953-2022) was active in numismatic video since the 1980s and created over 2,000 titles.


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    Morgan Dollar Analysis 1/10/1992

    Morgan Dollar Analysis

    Noted numismatist Mike Fuljenz discusses the Morgan dollar series in detail. He gives pricing information as well as the history of the information available from price guides. You'll hear about the different criteria for grading and what effect population reports have had on coin investment. A necessary tape for the silver dollar investor and collector. Lecture format. Speaker(s): Mike Fuljenz.

    Cash Reporting and Interstate Collection of Tax 1/10/1992

    Cash Reporting and Interstate Collection of Tax

    The regulations regarding cash reporting are becoming more comprehensive and strict. Diane Piret of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) talks about changes in regulations and how its affects the coin business. Form 8300 is discussed and the different ways in which compliance is required. You'll receive information about how to protect yourself by knowing what transactions to report, what is a related transaction, and what laws could be changed that will make doing business more difficult. A necessary video for anyone doing business in coins, collectibles and precious metals. Lecture format. Speaker(s): Diane Piret.

    World War I Inter-Allied Victory Medals 1/10/1992

    World War I Inter-Allied Victory Medals

    The medals of WWI are covered in this presentation by Louis Small, well-known collector of military medals. Different series issued by various countries are shown and discussed for their rarity and desirability. Many people who collects coins want to know about this popular area. Lecture with slides. Speaker(s): Louis Small.

    Errors and Varieties 1/10/1992

    Errors and Varieties

    If you have ever wondered about error coins this tape is for you. Presented by one of the most well-known authorities on error coins, Don Bonser, this tape covers the major types of mint mistakes to be found. See examples and learn how they are made, what they are worth, and how to tell the phonies. Coin dealers and collectors alike will want to learn this information about error coin collecting. Lecture with slides. Speaker(s): Don Bonser.

    ANA Centennial Convention 1/10/1992

    ANA Centennial Convention

    In August, 1991, the American Numismatic Association celebrated its 100th anniversary convention. Chairman of the ANA Centennial Convention was John Wilson, who, along with his wife Nancy, present a fascinating and in-depth slide program of the convention and the people responsible for its production. John and Nancy show a multitude of items that were available for collectors at the event. Anyone who is interested in the ANA and the people involved will want this tape. Lecture, show-and-tell, and slides. Speaker(s): John & Nancy Wilson.

    Future of the Rare Coin Marketplace 1/10/1992

    Future of the Rare Coin Marketplace

    Few coin personalities are as well known as Scott Travers. His books have been in stores across the country and his quotes are seen in major newspapers. Now Scott shares his vision of the coin market and how a person can make the most of buying coins. His talk is lively, informative and entertaining. You hear from major numismatic portfolio managers as they give their opinions about the future of the coin market. If you ever wanted to know about buying coins and wanted to learn from an expert, this is it. Lecture with slides. Speaker(s): Scott A.Travers.

    Counterfeit Detection 1/10/1992

    Counterfeit Detection

    Anyone who is interested in coins will want to know this information. How do you tell a genuine coin from a counterfeit? No person is more qualified than veteran numismatist Bill Fivaz. Bill is one of the most well known people in coins. His books are necessary for any numismatic library and he has been involved with most major collector organizations. You see in spectacular close-up slides how to tell the genuine examples of almost every major coin of the American series including key dates from Indian and Lincoln cents, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, quarters, silver dollars and more! If ever there was a tape necessary to every person in coin collecting, this is it! Speaker(s): Bill Fivaz.

    What Do Professional Coin Dealers Look for When Buying 1/10/1992

    What Do Professional Coin Dealers Look for When Buying

    "Mr. Commem" Anthony Swiatek takes you on a journey teaching you healthy coin buying information. Using lecture and slides, Anthony tells you which loupe to use for grading, how to spot misleading advertising, if the toning on your coin is real, the different types of commemorative memorabilia that are collected and what they are worth, plus a lot more. If want to know about coins, Anthony is one of the best teachers available. Speaker(s): Anthony Swiatek.

    Collecting During the Recession 1/10/1992

    Collecting During the Recession

    Al Doyle is a reporter for Numismatic News, one of the coin hobby's most important publications. His perspective of the market as a journalist as well as a collector gives him a unique and provocative perspective of the marketplace. Al shares some interesting ideas about what to buy for the collector who must watch his budget. Lecture with show-and-tell. Speaker(s): Al Doyle.

    Indian Cent Varieties 1/10/1992

    Indian Cent Varieties

    The Indian cent series has an incredible number of overdates, repunched dies, varieties, and little known rarities. Chris Pilliod edited the book on this subject and knows what to look for. You can too with the spectacular slides showing up-close examples of the different coins. Learn how to tell if your coins are more valuable and how to buy rarities for common prices! Speaker(s): Christopher F. Pilliod.

    FUN Convention Highlights 1992 1/10/1992

    FUN Convention Highlights 1992

    Florida United Numismatists convention highlights from 1992. Speaker(s): Roger Bryan.

    First Three Christian A.D. Dated Numismatic Items 8/15/1992

    First Three Christian A.D. Dated Numismatic Items

    It was over one thousand years after the death of Jesus Christ before coins were dated with the Anno Domini numbering system. Hear fascinating stories of the first Christian dated coins as told by veteran collector David R. Cervin. You"ll hear tales of kings, Crusades, and powerful Bishops in this extraordinary video as well as see close-up examples of the coins. Speaker(s): David R. Cervin.

    Amazing Tax Aspects for Coin Collectors 8/15/1992

    Amazing Tax Aspects for Coin Collectors

    Taxes and coin collecting can be a confusing subject. Larry Crumbley is a well-known CPA, writer, and professor who clarifies some of the confusion about how your collecting relates to taxation. He explains the difference being classified a collector, dealer or investor, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and much more. Lecture with overhead projector. Speaker(s): D. Larry Crumbley, CPA.

    Most Modern Ancients: Intro to Byzantine 8/15/1992

    Most Modern Ancients: Intro to Byzantine

    The Byzantine Empire spanned a 1000-year period and continued the Roman Empire in the East. During this time, over 2,500 types of coins were struck in metals from pure gold to lead. The Byzantine world preserved civilization through the "Dark Ages' and into the emerging Renaissance. This introduction to Byzantine numismatics is a multi-media consideration of types of coins, their value to Byzantines and collectors, Christian icons on the coins, and the history and religion of the Empire, from is foundation in A.D. 331 to its fall in 1453. Lecture with slides & music. Speaker(s): Christopher T. Connell.

    Odd & Curious Money Paradise 8/15/1992

    Odd & Curious Money Paradise

    Charles Opitz has collected coins for 41 years and odd and curious money for 35 years. He has exhibited his specialty many times and has written two books on the subject. His latest book, published in 1991, covers all forms of odd and curious money and includes descriptions, pictures and values for most items known. This lecture describes his firsthand experiences on Papua, New Guinea where many of those items were used. Lecture with slides. Speaker(s): Charles Opitz.

    American Numismatic Association Tour 8/15/1992

    American Numismatic Association Tour

    Have you ever been to Colorado Springs and visited the ANA? This is your opportunity to see the world's largest coin collector organization. You'll learn about the Money Museum, Resource Center, Education & Membership Department, and more! Location footage.

    Proof Gold Coins of Ed Trompeter 8/15/1992

    Proof Gold Coins of Ed Trompeter

    Ed Trompeter assembled a collection of U.S. gold that included every proof gold coin in the "Red Book" except the 1858 Double Eagle. His collection included an Ultra High Relief, all the gold Stellas, the Amazonian gold pattern set, and many other incredible gold rarities. David Lisot interviewed Mr. Trompeter about his life and his collection only five months before he passed away in March 1992. He created a video called U.S. Proof Gold Coin Highlights. See this video and hear discussion about Ed Trompeter, the man and his coins.

    Overview of Bechtler Gold Coinage, 1830-1852 8/15/1992

    Overview of Bechtler Gold Coinage, 1830-1852

    This presentation focuses on the activities of the Bechtler family after their arrival in the United States from Germany. The Bechtler coinage programs in North Carolina during the period 1830-52 will be reviewed, along with their sources of gold ore, methods of refining, and dies and equipment they used to strike the several series of gold coins. Speaker: John Jay Pittman.

    Die Varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars 8/15/1992

    Die Varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars

    George Mallis, long-respected writer and researcher of Morgan dollars, discusses the events leading to the design and production of the Morgan silver dollar and the reasons why so many die varieties were produced, particularly of the 1878 date. He explains the historic events that brought Morgan from England to the United States and the subsequent events that led to the use of Morgan's design rather than Barber's. Speaker: A. George Mallis.

    Grading Mint-State U.S. Coins 8/15/1992

    Grading Mint-State U.S. Coins

    The American Numismatic Association created the best video on grading mint-state coins available. Over the years it has more copies than almost any other videotape or DVD on coin collecting. Hosted by J.P. Martin, grader, numismatist, former authenticator for the ANA Authentication Bureau (ANNAAB), and current grader for ANACS, you'll see and hear what to look for to be able to grade like a professional. Emphasis is on Morgan/Peace dollars and U.S. gold coins. Location footage and full-screen pictures make this video necessary for every numismatist. Speaker(s): J.P. Martin.

    Model Coinage of Great Britain 8/15/1992

    Model Coinage of Great Britain

    Frank Van Valen speaks on the model coinage of Great Britain and how it reveals a fascinating era in British numismatics. Miniature, "semi-official" patterns were produced by various engravers and artists seeking royal approval for their coinage designs. Lecture and color slide presentation. Speaker(s): Frank Van Valen.

    Collecting U.S. Errors and Varieties 8/15/1992

    Collecting U.S. Errors and Varieties

    An introduction to collecting and investing numismatic errors and varieties by the president of CONECA. This talk includes a slide presentation and hand's on look at actual error coins. A must for all those interested in one of today's fastest-growing areas of numismatics! Speaker(s): Rich Schemmer.

    Introduction to 4th & 5th Century Roman Coins 8/15/1992

    Introduction to 4th & 5th Century Roman Coins

    Daniel North, a professor at the University of West Florida, speaks on what is often called "the final frontier of Roman numismatic," the coinage of the last century of the Western Roman Empire (A.D. 363-476) and how it reflects the end of one cultural epoch and the emergence of another. Issues of this period are scarce, poorly documented and occasionally unattractive, but always fascinating. The great historical and numismatic significance of these coins make these coins worthy of acquisition and serious study. Speaker(s): Daniel North.

    How to Identify and Evaluate South American Silver Cobs 1568-1773 8/15/1992

    How to Identify and Evaluate South American Silver Cobs 1568-1773

    This in-depth presentation focuses on the cob coins struck in the New World by the various Spanish mints and the difficult process of identifying them. Speaker(s): Daniel Sedwick.

    English Sovereign, First Coin of the World 8/15/1992

    English Sovereign, First Coin of the World

    This presentation is based on the 1990 Howland Wood "Best of Show" award-winning exhibit and discusses the origins, types and historic significance of hammered gold coins. These coins were designated "sovereigns" during the reigns of six English monarchs, beginning with Henry VII in 1489, together with the milled gold sovereigns featuring the portraits of the eight English monarchs from George III through Elizabeth II. Speaker(s): Thomas H. Law.

    Mormon Medals and Tokens 8/15/1992

    Mormon Medals and Tokens

    When the pioneers crossed the Great Plains in 1847, following prophet Brigham Young, they came to a new promised land, a land free of persecution and full of hope. In the state of Deseret, which later became the Utah Territory, the Mormons formed a vast network of cooperative stores that issued their own money in the form of metal trade tokens and paper scrip. The Mormons held many celebrations, including the 1897 Pioneer Jubilee, the biggest event held west of the Mississippi during the 19th century. Many medals and coins were made to commemorate this celebration and other events in the state of Utah. Speaker(s): H. Robert Campbell.

    Building a Coin Collection from Pocket Change 8/15/1992

    Building a Coin Collection from Pocket Change

    In a sense, collecting coins from pocket change is like digging up buried treasure. There is a sense of adventure, an air of excitement-and ultimately a thrill of discovery-in locating coins needed to complete a set from pocket change. Scott Travers, noted author and contributing editor, explores the fascinating field of pocket change rarities and explains the significance of modern minting varieties. Organization and classification of the pocket change collection is considered as well as preservation, storage and security. Speaker(s): Scott A. Travers.

    So-Called Dollars 8/15/1992

    So-Called Dollars

    So-called dollars are dollar-size, or near dollar-size, U.S. medals that commemorate an event of national, regional, or local significance. Medals were struck in various metals to commemorate world's fairs or expositions. Certain dollar-size monetary medals are also included in this category, such as Lesher, Bryan, and Pedley-Ryan dollars. Learn about a fascinating area of the numismatic hobby. Lecture with slides. Speaker(s): Tony Swicer.

    Legend of the Yoachum Dollar 8/15/1992

    Legend of the Yoachum Dollar

    Did the Yoachum family of Southwest Missouri really mint their own silver dollars prior to the California Gold Rush? Review the legend of the Yoachum Dollar, examine the facts underlying the lore, and look at coins claimed to be genuine. Finally a candidate for an authentic Yoachum dollar is proposed! Speaker(s): Robert D. Leonard Jr.

    Mexico's Maximilian Era 10/18/1992

    Mexico's Maximilian Era

    The reign of Maximilian of Mexico was only three years, from 1864 to 1867. Although he ruled only a short time, there is a fabulous heritage of collectible items including coins, pins, proclamations, and other items. Don Bailey is the noted authority on Mexico and the Maximilian era. He shares his years of experience in a fact-filled lecture with beautiful color slides from his own collection and items he has seen sold. Speaker: Don Bailey.

    Collecting U.S. Bust Halves 10/18/1992

    Collecting U.S. Bust Halves

    The Bust half dollars of 1807 to 1839 are some of America's most interesting and collectible coins. Noted dealer and collector, Sheridan Downey, shows examples and talks about how to collect this fascinating series. He covers the overdates, striking characteristics, grading, and other pertinent information. Advanced collectors and beginners alike will learn from this tape! Lecture with color slides. Speaker: Sheridan Downey.

    Anti-Semitic Material of the 20th Century 10/18/1992

    Anti-Semitic Material of the 20th Century

    The 20th century has a been a time of intense persecution of people of the Jewish faith. Much of this came from the Third Reich of Nazi Germany. Many items that attest to this prejudice can be found on coins, stamps, postcards and other collectible items. Sterling Rachootin is a teacher and historian who recounts the bigotry of this era by showing examples of various collectible items. Lecture with color slides. Speaker: Sterling Rachootin.

    Pseudo-Coins and Campaign Currency of the 20th Century 10/18/1992

    Pseudo-Coins and Campaign Currency of the 20th Century

    Veteran collector George Baude gives a factfilled and entertaining presentation of the different coins, tokens and paper money issued with political significance. Beginning with issues of William McKinley the stories continue up to the days of Eisenhower. Students of American history and the political scene will enjoy this tape. Lecture with slides. Speaker: George Baude.

    Centering Planchets for Early US Mint and State Copper Coinage 12/31/1992

    Centering Planchets for Early US Mint and State Copper Coinage

    Eric Newman speaks to the Early American Coppers group in this early audio recording.

    Buying Naftzger Large Cents & Story of Late Date Proofs 12/31/1992

    Buying Naftzger Large Cents & Story of Late Date Proofs

    Early American Coppers in this early audio recording. Hear from Eric Streiner describing purchasing the R.E. "Ted" Naftzger Large Cent Collectio. Then Denis Loring talks about late date proof large cents.

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