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David Lisot (1953-2022) was active in numismatic video since the 1980s and created over 2,000 titles.


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    Current Pricing of Toned Coins 1/10/2003

    Current Pricing of Toned Coins

    Andrew Kimmel is a well known dealer of these multicolored gems and and gives some compelling insights into this colorful world of collecting toned coins. In this lecture only video you will see and learn: * an explanation of what causd coins what are ces toning * reasons to buy toned coins * what are considered the most desirable colors * the difference between natural and artificial toning * why it is natural for all coins to tone * whether slabbing will protect a coin from toning * how the Internet has affected the toned coin market * the actual pricing of tone Morgan dollars and why prices have reach the levels they have * what type coins may be underprices at today's levels * a synopsis of the modern coin market and what to buy * what role certified coins play * the value of coin conservation Speaker(s): Andrew W. Kimmel.

    English Hammered Coinage 1/10/2003

    English Hammered Coinage

    English coinage began about 800 A.D. and remained virtually unchanged for almost 400 years. When it finally dially diWhen it finally dinally did change a wealth of history and intrigue was recorded on the legends of the coins for future generations. In this scholarly presentation, hammered coinage specialist, Arthur Fitts, reveals how to read these pieces as well as explaining the meaning of the propaganda of the times. In this video with slides you will see and learn: * how to orient the reverses of the coins to read them * abbreviations of Latin words and Gospel verses quoted * how English coinage was changed by Edward I around 1278 and how it ahe coinage of its kings and queens. Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts III.

    Evolution of the American Dollar Coin 1/10/2003

    Evolution of the American Dollar Coin

    Learn stories of the early U.S. Mint * issues of all subsequent dollars including Draped, Gobrecht, Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, SBA, and Sacagawea Speaker(s): Robert Hawes.

    Numismatic Terminology 1/10/2003

    Numismatic Terminology

    Known as "Mr. Education," Bill Fivaz has taught at the ANA summer conference for over two decades and delivered lectures at countless clubs and conventions. He is coauthor of the "Cherrypickers Guide" and published numerous articles on collecting. Now he shares the definitions of important numismatic terms. Speaker(s): Bill Fivaz.

    Silver Dollar Analysis 1/10/2003

    Silver Dollar Analysis

    Randy Campbell has been a graderat ANACS since 1989 where he has looked at thousands of coins. He has collected proof-like silver dollars since the 1960's. He is a renowned authority on counterfeit coins and writes and lectures for numerous publications and organizations.In this video you learn:* what dates in Liberty Seated dollars are underrated * which Trade dollars to buy and why you need to watch for counterfeits * what four dates of Peace dollars he recommends and why they are so low priced * the definition of "mirrored surface" and why coins are so scarce that are * history of the proof-like silver dollar market * tales of dollar hoards including GSA and Redfield * how to tell the difference between proof-like, deep mirror proof-like, and ultra deep mirror Speaker(s): Randy Campbell.

    Top 10 Mistakes Made by Beginning Coin Collectors 1/10/2003

    Top 10 Mistakes Made by Beginning Coin Collectors

    * the danger of altered and counterfeited coins * why grading services should be used * how grading services differ and ways to educate yourself about the differences * the importance of dealing with reputable dealers * why learning to grade is so important * the importance of numismatic edurs * why learning to grade is so important * the importance of numismatic education and what books to buy Speaker(s): Don Bonser.

    VAM Peace Dollar Variety Update 1/10/2003

    VAM Peace Dollar Variety Update

    Jeff Oxman and Dr. David Close have uncovered many recent varieties in the Peace dollar series and share their new discoveries. Speaker(s): Jeff Oxman & Dr. David Close.

    FUN Coin Convention Highlights 2003 1/10/2003

    FUN Coin Convention Highlights 2003

    Mark Lighterman, President, Florida United Numismatists. The 48th annual FUN convention was held in Orlando with radio personality Shannon Burke featuring Don Kagin, Fred Weinberg, Tom Reynaldo, Darrell Brown, Larry Brooks, Gail Baker, and David Harper. Speaker(s): Shannon Burke.

    Michael "Killer' Kelly Memorial 1/10/08 1/10/2003

    Michael "Killer' Kelly Memorial 1/10/08

    A good friend of numismatics passed away and friends and business associates held a memorial during the 2003 FUN Coin Convention. Speaker(s): David Lisot, Video Producer.

    Money Show of Southwest Highlights 1-24-03 1/25/2003

    Money Show of Southwest Highlights 1-24-03

    With Julian Leidman, Richie Self, Adrian Crane, Chris McCawley, Carl Schwenker, Don Kagin (World's Oldest Pioneer), Jack Beymer, Bill Kamback, and Larry Shepherd. Speaker(s): Host David Lisot.

    Money Show of Southwest B-Roll 11-30-07 1/25/2003

    Money Show of Southwest B-Roll 11-30-07

    David Lisot walks the Houston Money show of the Southwest and shows registration, Nickie Hess of Heritage, exhibits, gold coins, rows of dealers, Pattie Finner with Scouts, paper money, and more! Speaker(s): David Lisot, Video Producer.

    Girl Scout Collector Forum 2/5/2003

    Girl Scout Collector Forum

    Patti Finner introduces coin collecting to Girl Scouts. 1-25-2003. Speaker(s): Patti Fenner.

    NSDR Silver Dollar Seminar 2/28/03 2/28/2003

    NSDR Silver Dollar Seminar 2/28/03

    Experts discuss the silver market. Speaker(s): Al Johnbrier & Jeff Oxman.

    Long Beach Expo Highlights 3-1-03 3/15/2003

    Long Beach Expo Highlights 3-1-03

    Highlights include interviews with Mark Teller, James Taylor, Art Kagin, Marty Weiss, Robert Mish, Cameron. Robert Van Ryzan, David Lange, Bob McGollfin, Wlater Ostromecki. Speaker(s): David Lisot, Host.

    Long Beach Expo Highlights 1804 Dollar 5-30-03 5/30/2003

    Long Beach Expo Highlights 1804 Dollar 5-30-03

    Highlights include interviews with BJ Searles, Donn Pearlman, Steve Ivy, Ronn Guth, Paul Song, Gary & Roy, Ron Gillio, Don Kagin, Chris Cipoletti, Paul Montgomery. Speaker(s): David Lisot, Host.

    Ask the Coin Experts 6/15/2003

    Ask the Coin Experts

    Randy Campbell * Member of FUN Board since 1979 * Specialist in Morgan Dollars * President of National Silver Dollar Roundtable 1997-98 * ANACS Grader since 1989 Dave Lange * Director of Research for NGC * Writer of a monthly column for The Numismatist * Author of 3 books on U.S. coins * Past-president of the California State Numismatic Assoc., Pacific Coast Numismatic Society and the New Jersey Numismatic Society. Brian Silliman * Assistant Director of Operation, Conservator Authenticator and Grader for Numismatic Conservation Services * Taught ANA grading and counterfeit detection seminars * Writer for The Numismatist and The Counterfeit Coin Bulletin * Conservation experience includes coins, tokens and medals Joel Edler * Senior Sales Market Analyst for coin publications at Krause Publications * 40 year member of the ANA * Experienced collector for 53 years Jerry Morgan * President, Missouri Numismatic Society * National Silver Dollar Man of the Year -2001 * ANA Presidential Award Winner of the Year for WIN -2001 * Life Member of ANA, CSNA, and in states of MO, VA, MI, GA * Co-Chair: ANA World Mint Committee John Wilson * President of ANA * Received KP Ambassador Award in 1990, ANA Medal of Merit, Glenn Smedley and Presidents Award * General Chairman for ANA's Centennial Convention 1991 and two CSNS conventions * Collector, researcher, author, speaker, exhibitor and judge. Speaker(s): Bill Fivaz, Moderater.

    Selling Your Coins & Currency at Auction 2003 6/15/2003

    Selling Your Coins & Currency at Auction 2003

    Heritage Auctions is the world's largest seller of numismatic items in the world. Hear why they grown to greatness. Speaker(s): Jay Johnson.

    ANA Convention Highlights 2009 Portland 8/15/2003

    ANA Convention Highlights 2009 Portland

    With Barry Stuppler, Scott Loos, Jeff Swindling, Claude Marmolejo, Kevin Brown, Julian Leidman, Ira Goldberg, Micheal "Steamer" Stanley, Don Ketterling, Seth Goldberg, Ian Russell, Jeff Garrett, Emil Torp, Dick Osburn, Wendell Wolka, Rodney Gillis, Thomas Rogers, Gary Adkins, Joseph Lorio, Micjael Annis, Debbie Williams and Scott Rottinghaus

    Advanced Collecting Morgan & Peace Dollars 8/20/2003

    Advanced Collecting Morgan & Peace Dollars

    Michael Fey provides an overview of the evolution of collecting silver dollars. The focus of the presentation illustrates the varieties that have captured the attention of collectors and the challenge and excitement of finding these rare examples. In this video you will see and learn: * The history of collecting and the first book in 1893 to list mintmarks * How price differences evolved for mintmarks * Proof-like dollars, how they were created and their rarity * Morgan dollars of 1878 and why there are so many varieties * Importance of population reports and relative rarity for proof-like issues * Story of Leroy Van Allen and George Mallis who wrote the book on VAM varieties * How VAM collecting has evolved and new books that have influenced the market * How to 'cherrypick' the rarities and examples of which ones to look for * Ways to collect and which dates to start Speaker(s): Michael S. Fey, Ph.D.

    Art of Augustus Saint-Gaudens 8/20/2003

    Art of Augustus Saint-Gaudens

    Robert Pedolsky gives an overview of the noted American gilded Age sculptor whose design graces the $20 gold piece. There is emphasis on some of his more eminent pieces around the country including his reliefs, statues, medallions and coins. In this video you will see and learn: * The extent of St. Gaudens work * Examples of his statues and busts including David Farragut, Lincoln, Sherman, the Adams Memorial, the Diana Weathervane and more * Models used for his works including his wife and mistress * Columbian Exhibition works and the controversy using a nude youth * How his feud with Mint engraver Charles Barber began * The Colonel Shaw Memorial, the Theodore Roosevelt medal, and other works * His coin commissions for the $10 Indian and $20 gold pieces * An overview of his life, influences, mentors, and death from cancer in 1907 Speaker(s): Robert Pedolsky.

    Collecting North Carolina Numismatic History 8/20/2003

    Collecting North Carolina Numismatic History

    The story of North Carolina's rich and varied history has been well documented through the release of numerous commemorative coins and medals. This program presents a fastpaced sampling of the many NC items available to collectors and recounts the states colorful history through its numismatic collectibles. He provides a sampling of the state's commemorative coins and recounts its colorful history including: * Numismatic items of the three presidents that came from North Carolina * Various medals * Collectibles of the Wright Brothers including the recent state quarter * The Roanoke commemorative half dollar * Other interesting medals including Virginia Dare, the first University, the first Mint, the Exposition of 1884, the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, the Bicentennial, the USS North Carolina, Cape Hatteras, coin conventions and more Speaker(s): David Provost.

    Collecting North Carolina Quarters with Errors 8/20/2003

    Collecting North Carolina Quarters with Errors

    This presentation gives a basic introduction to error coin collecting. The twist is that each error type described will be shown on a NC statehood quarter. In this video you will see and learn: * An introduction to collecting error coins by type * The P-D-S classification system * Planchets, their types and various errors that can occur * The Blakesly Effect and how it helps with authentication * Determining the degree of severity of an error * Examples of a double curved clip, straight edge clip, broadstruck clip, elliptical clip, missing clad layer, die cracks and die chips * How the mint has changed procedures to minimize errors * Striking process errors including weakly struck, struck through grease, out of collar, broadstruck, off-center, and multiple strikes * Reference books to help collect error coins Speaker(s): David Boitnott.

    Confederate Cent: A New Look 8/20/2003

    Confederate Cent: A New Look

    Harold Levi tries to unravel the conflicting stories of this coin. This is a review of the Robert Lovett Jr. Confederate Cent with a look at the Confederate legislation, an 1874 auction where the cent appears, the "Little Circular," a 1908 ANA presentation, and the popular stories and the response from the "well known jewelry firm in Philadelphia." Inconsistencies in the "stories" are reconciled with the new and different interpretation of all existing facts including: * The story of the Charlotte Mint surrender to the Confederacy in 1861 * Confederate authorization to continue minting at Charlotte and Dahlonega * Scarcity of Confederate documentation and why * Hazeltine auction of 1874 with a Confederate cent * References to dies being prepared by Robert Lovett of Philadelphia * Information about Lovett and Haseltine including the 1908 ANA presentation * Research from Bailey, Banks & Biddle commissioning the cents to be made * Examples of Lovett's store card and similarities of the CSA cent * How one of the 12 original cents was lost * How Robert Bashlow ended up with the dies including speculation how they became damaged * Evidence of the existence of two sets of dies * Areas of further research needed to address this numismatic mystery Speaker(s): Harold Levi.

    Confederate Metallic Coinage 8/20/2003

    Confederate Metallic Coinage

    George Corell has researched Confederate coinage for years. He provides a systematic analysis of the Confederacy's coinage operations at New Orleans, Charlotte, and Dahlonega with an emphasis on historical data revealing the actuality of the Confederate half-dollar and the existence of "other" coins. An authoritative answer to "who" struck the majority of the 1861-O half-dollars and double eagles. The "hint" of Confederate Gold Coins at Dahlonega surfaces at last. In this video you will see and learn: * Who created the design for the Confederate half dollar reverse * A letter from Marcus Wright to Dr. B.F. Taylor regarding Confederate coinage * Discrepancies in much of the information extant * References to three cent pieces in CSA ledgers * Examples of nondenominational tokens attributed to the South * Speculation about the Peterson half dollars and why they were struck * Possibilities of what happened to Dahlonega mint records * Why it is possible that Confederate gold coins may exist Speaker(s): George A. Corell.

    Don't Mess with the Empress! 4 Byzantine Women 8/20/2003

    Don't Mess with the Empress! 4 Byzantine Women

    Pru Fitts collects and lectures on Byzantine history and culture. She describes how four Byzantine empresses: Theodora, Irene, and the sisters Zoe and Theodora came to power, kept it and used it. In this video you will see and learn: * The role of women in Byzantine history * How Constantine consolidated the Eastern Empire, his conversion to Christianity, and the continual influence of his mother * Constantinople and its founding * Justinian and what he did for coinage * Images on coins and how they were affected by the Iconoclasts * Irene who was the only sole reigning female monarch * Zoe and Romanus * History and intrigue of John the Eunuch, Constantine IX, Anna of Savoy and other important historical figures Speaker(s): Prudence Morgan Fitts.

    England's Penny through 1400 Years 8/20/2003

    England's Penny through 1400 Years

    The penny of England is one of the longest running issues of any coin in history. Arthur Fitts traces the penny from its introduction in 800 AD to its survival into the 21st century. In this video you will see and learn: * Fitts background in collecting and field of study * Coinage of Pepin and Charlemagne and the earliest English kings and why their reverses had little continuity * How to read the lettering on early English coinage * Why nice examples of these coins are hard to find * Archbishops and saints on coins * Examples of the 'London' monogram * Why 11th century English coins are found in Scandinavia * How pennies were the primary coin for 500 years of English kings and rulers * Changes in coinage during the Renaissance * Introduction of milled coinage in the 1600's * Examples of Maundy coinage and how it started * Introduction of the copper penny and examples of the 'cartwheels' of 1797 Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts III.

    Getting Your Family Involved in Numismatics 8/20/2003

    Getting Your Family Involved in Numismatics

    Gary Lewis has been a coin collector for years. As a club member and representative of many major numismatic organizations he has learned how to get people into the hobby. In this video he discusses how to get relatives to participate in the numismatic hobby as well as: * His background in coins and collecting * Reasons why families might want to learn about coin collecting including economics, history, themes like sports or animals, and more * Different people and why they collect * The best age to get kids involved and how * Books to help inspire collecting * Using dealers to help you * Jewelry for friends and spouses * Plenty of ideas to get people into the hobby Speaker(s): Gary Lewis.

    Numismatic Heritage of India 8/20/2003

    Numismatic Heritage of India

    He will explore 2,500 years of coinage on the Indian subcontinent. The concept of a monetary system prevalent during ancient India formed the basis on which coinages of subsequent eras were evolved. The presentation will highlight the contrasting unique features of the coinage of ancient India versus the coinage of the 19th and 20th centuries. In this video you will see and learn: * Coinage of the Mauyran Dynasties 400-200 BC * Unique features including categories and classification of symbols * Where coin hoards have been found in India * Examples of state symbols used on coins and their characteristics * The Theobold and Thomas classification of symbols * Categories used by Walsh and why they are controversial * Metrology of silver punchmarked coins * How the British standardized the coinage * British coin rarities of William and Victoria * Rupee varieties of 1862 and their scarcity * The significance of early Indian numismatics Speaker(s): K. Visweswaran.

    Obsolete Bank Notes of North Carolina 8/20/2003

    Obsolete Bank Notes of North Carolina

    Paul Horner is a collector of North Carolina paper items and publishes a newsletter. He examines the paper money issued by banks in the state of North Carolina. In this video you will see and learn: * Examples of bank notes not listed in many reference books * Reference books that are used * First bank in the U.S. and it branch in NC * Fayetteville School Association and its issues * Story of the Bank of the United States, its history and eventual demise by the actions of Andrew Jackson * Commercial Bank of Wilmington and its NC branches * Issues of the Southwestern Railroad Bank, Greensboro Mutual Insurance Company, Bank of Lexington, Mecklenburg, Camden, Charlotte, Cape Fear, Mechanics Bank of Augusta and more Speaker(s): Paul Horner.

    Personalities in Numismatics, Part 2 8/20/2003

    Personalities in Numismatics, Part 2

    John and Nancy Wilson have been involved in numismatics for decades. They both have been involved in numerous coin clubs and organizations and been exhibitors at coin shows around the country. In their years of involvement they have met most of the important people in numismatics. In this video they reminisce about some of the luminaries they have met through collecting and traveling. Speaker(s): John & Nancy Wilson.

    Questions for the Coin Answer Man 8/20/2003

    Questions for the Coin Answer Man

    Alan Herbert has been involved in the numismatic hobby for decades. As a columnist for Krause Publications he has addressed many of the issues about which many coin collectors ponder. In this video he discusses some of the most frequently asked questions about numismatics including: * How he became involved in numismatics and was one of the first to use computers * His columns for major coin publications * How technology helps collectors and research * Rotated dies and how they occur * The future of the hobby * Challenges of buying and selling on the Internet * Coins with laminations * The debate over machine versus hub doubling * How numismatic publications decide on advertisers Speaker(s): Alan Herbert.

    Tokens of Talbot, Allum & Lee 8/20/2003

    Tokens of Talbot, Allum & Lee

    During the early days at the Mint, half-cent blanks were very scarce. As a result in 1795 the Mint purchased tokens from Talbot, Allum and Lee and cut the tokens down and used them to strike half cents. Gerald Kochel discusses the half cents issued by the United States Mint from 1795-97 struck from these imported tokens. In this video you will see and learn: * History of the Talbot firm and why they began striking tokens * Examples of different edge lettering * The process by which these tokens were filed to size and overstruck by regular issue U.S. coins * Years of overstriking and many examples of the token design underneath * Mules and different die combinations * Books for reference and additional study Speaker(s): Gerald L. Kochel.

    Twelve Centuries of the English Penny 8/20/2003

    Twelve Centuries of the English Penny

    Halbert Carmichael has had a long time interest in English numismatics. He reviews the evolution of the longest-running coin denomination in history. In this video you will see and learn: * English history from 700 AD to present * How the Danes overran England in the 9th century * Coinage of early monarchs including Alfred the Great * Examples of the "London" monogram on coinage reverses * Why coins were cut in halves and quarters for early coinage * Coinage of Edward Rex, called the first king of England * How coins were struck * Viking coins and their similarities * Saxon coins of the 11th century * How coins came to have mintmarks * How and why the quality of coin engraving declined * Use of 'long' and 'short' cross coinage and how it evolved * Coinage of other kings including Henry VII and Charles II * Introduction of copper coins and their debasement into the 1970's Speaker(s): Halbert Carmichael.

    US Mint Business Meeting, March 22, 2003 8/20/2003

    US Mint Business Meeting, March 22, 2003

    The United States Mint Director and marketing manager hold a public forum with news and information about new issues and delivery dates. Dealers and collectors are in the audience to ask questions. In this video you will hear and learn: * the Mint has a new sales staff and meet its director * plans for a new reverse design for the Jefferson nickel from 2003-2006 * House legislation bill HR 258 which plans for a redesign of all U.S. coinage * How new designs will be selected * A call by the Mint for artists to submit ideas * A wildlife series that may combine stamps, coins and/or medals * The new Bush presidential medal * Alabama's state quarter launch * Website for kids * Dates for proof set release * Questions and answers from the audience Speaker(s): Henrietta Holsman Fore & Gloria C. Eskridge.

    Meet the Candidates! 2003 Election for ANA BOG 8/20/2003

    Meet the Candidates! 2003 Election for ANA BOG

    Candidates vy for leadership of America's largest coin collector organization. Speaker(s): Candidates for Office.

    ANA Coin Collecting Basics 8/20/2003

    ANA Coin Collecting Basics

    An informative introduction to the many ways families can benefit and learn from collecting coins while having fun. What better to learn about the hobby of numismatics than from two of the AmHandling , storage and care of your coins, including important tips regarding cleaning * How value is determined based on rarity, condition, and demand * Things to watch out for including telemarketers, shopping channels, auctions and more * Resources for 960-P&D cent and why they occurred * Years of proof cent varieties and what to look for * Lincoln cents of the 1950's through 70's that can be cherrypicked * Varieties of the 1972 double die * How repunched mintmarks occur and why they are so much fun, How to buy coins at a coin show and get a better deal Speaker(s): Jane Colvard & Christopher T. Connell.

    Baltimore History Told by Paper Artifacts 8/20/2003

    Baltimore History Told by Paper Artifacts

    Russ Sears is a longtime Baltimore resident. He shares: * How paper collectibles find their way to the marketplace * Examples of advertising notes, stock certificates, financial paper including checks, many with interesting autographs * Other collectibles relating to Baltimore Speaker(s): Russ Sears.

    Baltimore's Shinplaster Notes: Panic & Depression 8/20/2003

    Baltimore's Shinplaster Notes: Panic & Depression

    Early banking in Maryland was very difficult. The lack of federal and state laws for banks made it easy for fraud. Banks opened, took deposits and many managers ran off with the the gold. You will learn * The first bank in Baltimore to fail and what caused it * More financial institution failures including Patapsco Savings Fund, Baltimore Bank Note, City Trust Savings, City of Baltimore, Mayor and City Council, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company, * Economics of the time and how cotton was so important * Maryland's first production of fractional paper notes in the 1830's * Why the private issue of notes occurred * How the term "shinplaster" came to be used, introduction of fractional paper notes in the 1830's * Why the private issue of notes occurred Speaker(s): William I. Stratemeyer.

    Cherrypicking the Lincoln Cent 8/20/2003

    Cherrypicking the Lincoln Cent

    Lincoln Cents offers more opportunities for collectors to cherrypick than any other series due to the sheer numbers of repunched mintmarks, doubled dies and other varieties including many that can still be found in circulation. Sol Taylor has studied this series and shares what to look for. Speaker(s): Dr. Sol Taylor.

    Chips, Cracks, & Cuds: Mechanical Aspects of Coin 8/20/2003

    Chips, Cracks, & Cuds: Mechanical Aspects of Coin

    * Evolution of dies from hammer struck to modern presses * Use of screw coin presses and how they affected strike * What it means to "lap" a die * Displacement of metal called punch splash * Why dies could not be hubbed until 1836 * Examples of die deterioration and how it progresses * Why rust damage on a die may actually be spalling or "chip out" * Examples of cuds and on which series they are most common Speaker(s): Craig Sholley.

    Christian Icons on Byzantine Coins 8/20/2003

    Christian Icons on Byzantine Coins

    * Appearance of an angel of a coin during Justinian I * Coinage of Justin II, Maurice Tiberius, Heraclius, Constans II that included lettering and the cross potent * Example of Pilgrim Token of the True Cross made of terracotta * First coin portrait of Christ on a gold solidus of Justinian II, 685-695 CE, with the inscription, "Jesus Christ, King of Kings" * How the portrait of Jesus evolved under subsequent rulers * Depictions of Mary as the mother of god * The fall of Constantinople Speaker(s): Christopher T. Connell.

    Coin Collectors Survival Strategy 8/20/2003

    Coin Collectors Survival Strategy

    Scott Travers is one of the most famous writers in numismatics. His books have helped promote the coin hobby more than almost any others and cabe found in virtually every major bookstore. In this presentation Scott discusses recent political events and how they have affected the market. He draws conclusions from the current economy that give indications about how to position your portfolio. Speaker(s): Scott Travers.

    Coin Glass 8/20/2003

    Coin Glass

    John covers the more popular types of coin glassware including U.S. coin and Fostoria patterns. The history, development and reasons for government intervention are explained as well as diagnostics for identification. His shares examples of compotes, sugar bowls, spoon holders, butter dishes, toothpick holders, pitchers, & glasses * Different kinds of lamps * How the government stepped in and stopped production * Books for research * Appearance of reproductions in the 1960's Speaker(s): John R. Eshbach.

    Coins of Christianity: Babylon to Ethiopia 8/20/2003

    Coins of Christianity: Babylon to Ethiopia

    Radford Stearns is LM 930 of the ANA. He is a compulsive Exhibitor and won the Howland Wood award in 1976. He served as Assistant General Chairman for Atlanta's ANA in 1977, was General Chairman in 1987 and Exhibit Chairman. In 610 CE, Byzantine Emperor Heraclius liberated the Empire from the tyranny of Emperor Focas which established a dynasty that would last for over 1000 years. During that period many coins were issued that had a wealth of Christian symbolism. Radford discusses the coins leading up to Jesus' birth, those issued during Christ's lifetime, the period of the early Church, and those pieces struck over the last 2000 years. Speaker(s): Dr. Radford Stearns.

    Coming Full Circle in Coin Design 8/20/2003

    Coming Full Circle in Coin Design

    Tom Rogers worked as a sculptor for coin design for the United States Mint. What is involved in coin design can be an elaborate process. In this narrative from one of the hobby's most prolific sculptors you will see and learn: * His background as a sculptor * State quarters created including Maryland, Massachussetts, and South Carolina Speaker(s): Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.

    England's Groat 8/20/2003

    England's Groat

    England entered the world of large silver coins in 1278 with the introduction of the groat. This video includes an overview of the English age from 1278 until discontinuance of the groat. Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts III.

    Famous Numismatists of the Baltimore Area 8/20/2003

    Famous Numismatists of the Baltimore Area

    Some of the greatest numismatists who have ever lived, and some of the finest collections ever formed, were at home in Baltimore Speaker(s): Q. David Bowers.

    Five Fabulous Half Cents 8/20/2003

    Five Fabulous Half Cents

    Half cents can be an intriguing area for early American copper collectors. Greg and Lisa Heim present five half cents that are moderately scarce or have the potential for being such.You will learn: * Other books that will prove useful * 1804 plain stem half cent, Cohen 11 * 1807 Cohen 1 with repunched large 7 * Examples of different dentalation * 1829 Cohen 1 * How dentalation helps determine die state * 1849 Braided Hair business strike Speaker(s): Gregory S. & Lisa M. Heim.

    Having Fun While Collecting Coins: Select Seventy 8/20/2003

    Having Fun While Collecting Coins: Select Seventy

    he addresses the concept of MS-70 grading and draws many amusing and novel conclusions. Sit back and enjoy this whimsical look at how to collect coins in the post slab era of numismatics. Speaker(s): P. Scott Rubin.

    Is or Is It Not Hub Doubling? 8/20/2003

    Is or Is It Not Hub Doubling?

    Doubling of the design elements on coins has always been a controversial subject. Alan Herbert is known as the "Answer Man" of the numismatic hobby. In this presentation Alan discusses: Eight forms of hub doubling * Definitions of the "valley effect" and "notching effect" * How to tell a double strike * What hub doubling" * How to tell a double strike Speaker(s): Alan Herbert.

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