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David Lisot (1953-2022) was active in numismatic video since the 1980s and created over 2,000 titles.


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    PCGS Set Registry Meeting 2005-Early Days in the Coin Hobby 1/28/2005

    PCGS Set Registry Meeting 2005-Early Days in the Coin Hobby

    Professional Coin Grading Service Set Registry Meeting about the early days of numismatics with David Hall, Ron Guth, Art Kagin, & Julian Leidman. Speaker(s): David Hall.

    American Coin Collections at the ANS 5/5/2005

    American Coin Collections at the ANS

    The American Numismatic Society is one of the oldest numismatic collector organizations in the world. Founded in 1858 the Society has some of the greatest collections of coins ever assembled. Hear the stories of the collectors who donated their numismatic holdings to this venerable institution from the ANS Executive Director, Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan. Speaker(s): Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan.

    Basic Rules for Collecting Early American Coppers 5/5/2005

    Basic Rules for Collecting Early American Coppers

    Most people begin their collections by buying a single copper coin. The more they collect the more likely they are to become intrigued by the lure of early American copper coins. Learn the basic rules to build a great collection and avoid the pitfalls that include: * getting and using a good book for information * clubs to join especially the Early American Coppers * how to handle and store coppers * how to grade and determine condition * different directions to take with your collecting Speaker(s): Stephen Carr.

    Collecting U.S. Half Cents 5/5/2005

    Collecting U.S. Half Cents

    Learn all you need to know to collect this intriguing series of US coins. Issued from 1793 until 1857 this series includes many varieties and rarities. In this video you will see and learn: * how low many of the mintages are * different ways to collect including by type, date, variety, die state or error * levels of collecting and how it affects you budget * cherrypicking and the many opportunties * reference works and pricing guides to help you learn more Speaker(s): Jim McGuigan.

    Conservative Approach to Collecting Half Cents 5/5/2005

    Conservative Approach to Collecting Half Cents

    Greg Heim has spent years of his life collecting and learning about half cents. He shares his insights about how to collect this series and stay on a budget that still allows you to assemble a collection that can be fun as well as profitable. Speaker(s): Greg Heim.

    EAC Early Coppers Update 2005 5/5/2005

    EAC Early Coppers Update 2005

    Hear these advanced collectors and dealers share their expertise about the state of the early American coppers market. Find out the trends in the hobby, the latest discoveries, and ways to learn more about the field. Speaker(s): Tom Rinaldo, Ed Masuoka, Red Henry, John Wright, Bob Grellman, Jon Lusk.

    NumiStudy-Update 2005 5/5/2005

    NumiStudy-Update 2005

    This is a computer program that was developed to help identify the different varieties and die marriages of the various early coppers. The program is being continually updated and this presentation is a report detailing the latest developments from its creator. Speaker(s): John D. Lusk.

    Rare Large Cents from the Geo. Clapp Collection in the ANS 5/5/2005

    Rare Large Cents from the Geo. Clapp Collection in the ANS

    Legendary collector George Clapp donated his world-class collection of large cents to the American Numismatic Society. Included were some of the finest examples of these coins available. Hear stories about this man who ran Alcoa and the coins that are part of his legacy from ANS Curator Robert Hoge.

    Speaker(s): Robert W. Hoge.

    Round Table on Large and Half Cent Survivorship 2005 5/5/2005

    Round Table on Large and Half Cent Survivorship 2005

    The question is how many of American's earliest copper coins have actually survived? This is a major topic of discussion that includes many of the hobby's brightest and most devoted collectors. Hear and learn the latest information available on this important numismatic issue. Speaker(s): EAC Members.

    1794 Large Cent Die State Project-2005 5/5/2005

    1794 Large Cent Die State Project-2005

    The Project goal is to assemble and eventually print a comprehensive color photographic work on the various die states of the 58 collectible and 11 non-collectible Sheldon varieties of the 1794 large cents. Hear this update on this ongoing project from the EAC members who spearhead this noble effort. Speaker(s): Bim Gander, Chuck Heck, & Jon Warshawsky.

    What Every Lg Cent Collector Should Know Abt Colonial Coins 5/5/2005

    What Every Lg Cent Collector Should Know Abt Colonial Coins

    Many people feel daunted when they try to address the filed of Colonial coins. John Kraljavich shares what collectors needs to know to include this confusing area of numismatics in their collection. In this lecture video presentation you will see and hear: * about early collectors of these early copper pieces * the historical background of the first US coins and their creation * the difference in collecting Colonials and the reference books needed * which Colonials circulated alongside regular issue US coinage and why come are considered more collectible * world coins that circulated at that time * challenges of grading Colonials Speaker(s): John Kraljevich.

    Selling Your Coins & Currency at Auction 2005 6/15/2005

    Selling Your Coins & Currency at Auction 2005

    Heritage Auctions is the world's largest seller of numismatic items in the world. Hear why they grown to greatness. Speaker(s): Jay Johnson.

    Heritage Auctions: Platinum Night ANA San Francisco 7/28/05 7/28/2005

    Heritage Auctions: Platinum Night ANA San Francisco 7/28/05

    2005 San Francisco ANA Convention parade of numismatic rarities offered by Heritage Auctions.Some frivolity with Tom DeLorey afterwards.

    ANA Convention Highlights 2005 Kansas City 8/20/2005

    ANA Convention Highlights 2005 Kansas City

    Includes ANA opening ceremony with Chris Cipoletti, ANA Executive Director, comments by Gail Baker, ANA Educational Director, Douglas Mudd, ANA Curator, Steve Contursi, Jeff, Beth Deisher, Donn Pearlman and more. Speaker(s): Chris Cipoletti and more.

    Coinage and Commerce Along the Silk Road 8/20/2005

    Coinage and Commerce Along the Silk Road

    "Information highway" is a modern term that denotes the transfer of information. The Silk Road of the 1st-8th century AD was just such a road in ancient times. Goods and coins traveled its route as well as other items. In the image filled presentation you will see and learn:

    * the first traveler along the road and who sent him

    * conditions along the way * why silk became so popular that provoked commerce

    * examples of coinage found along the way including Sassanian, Byzantine, and Chinese

    * different routes that all ended up in China

    * influence of the Buddha

    * what brought the demise of the Silk Road

    Speaker(s): Prudence Fitts.

    Coin Collecting Basics 8/20/2005

    Coin Collecting Basics

    An informative introduction to the many ways to benefit and learn about collecting coins. Presented by Lane Brunner, ANA educator, you will learn about: * the meaning of numismatics * coins as a reflection of culture * examples of state quarters and their significance as well as earlier coins and paper money * changes in money brought about by way * importance of condition and grading * history and value, handling and storage, cleaning, and things for which collectors should watch out. Speaker(s): Lane J. Brunner, Ph.D.

    Colonial Man 8/20/2005

    Colonial Man

    A firsthand account of the beginnings of coinage and paper currency in Colonial America. Speaker(s): Donald Kagin, Ph.D.

    Comstock's Lode 8/20/2005

    Comstock's Lode

    A brief history of the Comstock Lode and the famous mines that defined silver mining in the United States. It was this silver find that necessitated the creation of the Carson City Mint. Speaker(s): John W. Escott.

    Future of the ANA, April 2005 8/20/2005

    Future of the ANA, April 2005

    Hear the overview of the future of the American Numismatic Association as explained by Executive Director Chris Cipoletti. He discusses plans and programs that have been implemented as well as his vision of the future. These include: * mission statement of the ANA to help people discover and explore the world of money * expanded program offerings and traveling exhibits * success of Coins in the Classroom to help educate teachers * announcement of a new annual magazine, budget challenges, fundraising initiatives, partnerships with other organizations, and consumer protection programs. Speaker(s): Christopher Cipoletti.

    Numismatic Hometown Collecting 8/20/2005

    Numismatic Hometown Collecting

    If you are looking for a new and different collecting interest try your own home town. There may be merchant tokens and good-fors, commemorative tokens and medals, even obsolete scrip and national bank notes. See examples like this for the town of Framingham, Massachusetts. Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts, III.

    Odd Denomination U.S. Coinage 8/20/2005

    Odd Denomination U.S. Coinage

    Coin denominations are a clear gauge of a nation's merchant economy. In the ninteenth century America had a diverse set of coins that include values that today may seem strange. Speaker(s): Lane Brunner, Ph.D.

    Where is Coin Collecting Going? 8/20/2005

    Where is Coin Collecting Going?

    This "forward looking" talk explores the evolution of coin collecting and what possibilities the future holds. * supply and demand considerations * time line of numismatic events starting the the 1850's * current factors affecting the market including deficits, balance of trade, Social Security concerns, the declining dollar, job losses, a sideways stock market, record oil prices, and the war in Iraq * developments and technologies that have and will affect the coin market * why the coin market looks so good for the future. Speaker(s): Michael S. Fey, Ph.D.

    ANA Convention Highlights 2005 San Francisco 8/20/2005

    ANA Convention Highlights 2005 San Francisco

    ANA Executive Director Chris Cipoletti introduces the Convention dignitaries and guests. You will meet the new US Treasurer Anna Cabral as well as all the ANA board of Governors. Speaker(s): Chris Cipoletti, Moderator.

    Capped Bust Half Dollars 8/20/2005

    Capped Bust Half Dollars

    Capped Bust halves have been a collector favorite for decades. These staples of the 19th century have drawn a strong following for their beauty and die varieties. You will see and learn the basics in getting started collecting. Speaker(s): Lane J. Brunner, Ph.D.

    Coinage of Charles I and the English Civil War 8/20/2005

    Coinage of Charles I and the English Civil War

    The English Civil War of 1642-49 pitted King Charles I against Parliament, which controlled the Royal Mint in London that continued to strike gold and silver coinage. See the coin issues of the Royalist's throughout the land that rallied to help the king's cause. This presentation includes: Background of King Charles I who ruled from 1625 to 1649 Examples of coinage that show Initial marks, privy marks, denominations, clothing styles, equestrian figures and interesting legends Explanation of the belief in the divine right of kings Uses of Spanish silver The different quality of coins produced Examples of coinage struck by the Royalists forces until the capture and execution of Charles Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts, III.

    Collecting Franklin Half Dollars 8/20/2005

    Collecting Franklin Half Dollars

    Covers the basics of collecting Franklin halves and the challenges in completing the series. Speaker(s): Lane J. Brunner, Ph.D.

    Collecting Mercury Dimes 8/20/2005

    Collecting Mercury Dimes

    Learn from one of America's most knowledgeable numismatists about one of the most popular coin series including: Ways to collect What constitutes "full bands" Late date Mercury's in the series that are scarce in high grade Why the 1916-D is so rare yet so available Why Population Reports can be misleading How collecting has evolved and the concept of Registry Sets Effect of die state on strike, luster and details Speaker(s): David W. Lange.

    Constantine I of Russia, the Tsar Who Never Was 8/20/2005

    Constantine I of Russia, the Tsar Who Never Was

    History and mystery of the Russian coins of Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich from 1825. The story includes: how Constantine proved his bravery as a young man The death of his father Alexander The confusion of the succession of leadership between Constantine and his brother Nicholas Speaker(s): Eugene Markov.

    Dark Side of Antebellum Broken Bank Notes 8/20/2005

    Dark Side of Antebellum Broken Bank Notes

    "Nefarious Purveyors of the 'The Queer'" Wendell Wolka Learn about the paper money before the Federal issues. You will learn: Uncertainty of accepting Wildcat Era bank notes The ease of creating paper money How to determine whether the bank itself was good Publications that listed"bad" banks Use of counterfeit detectors Ways to tell a counterfeit vs. Genuine bank not Types of counterfeiting Speaker(s): Wendell Wolka.

    Early Days of the Error Coin Hobby 8/20/2005

    Early Days of the Error Coin Hobby

    Syd and Fred share their memories of the early days of error coins including the local and national clubs, the different personalities and publications. Their discussion includes:

    Examples of the early publications

    History of the first organizations

    How Fred Weinberg got started in errors

    History of the hobby and famous personalities

    The need to understand and know the minting process

    Why availability of errors has changed

    The Belt Collection of 1974

    How third party grading has helped the hobby

    Explanation of the "Wow" factor

    Speaker(s): Fred Weinberg & Syd Kass.

    Great Coin Collectors and Their Collections 8/20/2005

    Great Coin Collectors and Their Collections

    America's greatest numismatist shares stories about other great collectors. Stories include B. Max Mehl, Mrs. Henry Norweb, Harry Bass, Amon Carter, Ed Trompeter, Armand Champa, and John Ford. Q. David even discusses his own collection of state quarters. Speaker(s): Q. David Bowers.

    History of Die Making in the United States 8/20/2005

    History of Die Making in the United States

    Learn about what was required to make America's earliest money including: Concern of the Mint for quality of their coinage Challenge of coin die production Discovery of a Bust half die dated 1809 and the information learned from it Al Overton and his research on Bust halves Handwork on early coin dies and how they were produced Innovation of the reducing lathe The progression of hubbing and reduction of handppunching History of alloys and processing methods for steel Speaker(s): Christopher Pilliod.

    History of Wells Fargo 8/20/2005

    History of Wells Fargo

    An illustrated history of the legendary company with an emphasis on numismatics. You will see and learn about: The discovery of gold in California that created the need for coinage Efforts by private issuers and the government to create a uniform coinage Formation of American Express in 1850 that included Wells & Fargo How gold started as dust and ended up as money Examples of paper drafts, stock certificates, checks and other monetary instruments that are now collectible Why Federal paper money was not accepted in California Importance of steam ships to get to California The Wells Fargo mail system including the Pony Express and use of stage coaches Buyouts, mergers, corporate raiders, completion of the railroad, Emperor Norton, gold-backed national bank notes and more Speaker(s): Robert J. Chandler.

    How to Collect U.S. Type Coins 8/20/2005

    How to Collect U.S. Type Coins

    Frank describes the many and varied ways to collect US type coins including: Definition of a type coin Ways to collect What to look for when collecting circulated type Examples of coins Speaker(s): Frank Van Valen.

    Image & Republican Sovereignty on Coinage 8/20/2005

    Image & Republican Sovereignty on Coinage

    Use of imagery on coinage has been influenced by the concepts of society since the earliest of times. Learn some of what has driven the decisions that have been made including: That George Washington did not want his image on any coinage Coin designs offered by Ben Franklin Efforts to forge a national identity Why individual States were allowed to strike their own coinage at first The influence of classical Roman ideals Examples of French coinage that show the development of the concept of liberty on coin The need to create an American coinage to replace the discredited Colonial and Revolutionary issues Pattern coinage proposed by Robert Morris and why they were not accepted Thomas Jefferson's proposal for a decimal based coinage system and a national mint The debate over the law passed in 1792 defining US coinage Speaker(s): Douglas Mudd.

    Introduction to So-Called Dollars 8/20/2005

    Introduction to So-Called Dollars

    Learn about So-Called dollars. These medals are about the size of a US silver dollar and were struck to commemorate significant events in history. This presentation includes: Definition of a So-Called dollar Categories that include fairs & exhibitions and historical events How some events had dozens of different pieces struck Explanation of why different pieces were struck, in what quantities and in what metals Some of the activities including the Erie Canal, World''s Columbian Expo, Trans-Mississippi, Wells Fargo, Continental Dollar restrikes, Louisiana Purchase, San Francisco earthquake, Jamestown, Panama Canal, Wilson Dollars, Pan-Pac Expo and more The debate over whether So-Called dollars should be slabbed Speaker(s): Jeff Shevlin.

    Joseph Wright, First US Mint Engraver 8/20/2005

    Joseph Wright, First US Mint Engraver

    His Family's Influence During the Early Years Story of America's first engraver of the mint who died of Yellow Fever in 1793 before he was confirmed. This presentation includes information about: *his parents and why his mother learned to sculpt wax how his mother who lived in London may have been a spy for the Colonies Joseph's travels to America that ended in shipwreck Evidence that his wife Sara may have been the model for the 1792 quarter pattern Speaker(s): P. Scott Rubin.

    Liberty Seated Coinage of San Francisco and Carson City 8/20/2005

    Liberty Seated Coinage of San Francisco and Carson City

    This features historical aspects of Seated coinage from the Western mints from the 1850's through the 1890's including: How Christian Gobrecht (1785-1844) became chief engraver at the Mint Use of the screw press to make coins and its limitations How dies were produced and why it created varieties Examples of "S" mint seated coinage including branch mint proofs Discovery of the Comstock Lode in the 1860's and the eventual building of the Carson City mint Unusual attributes of CC mint coinage How to tell rare CC die varieties Story of the 1870 coinage of the San Francisco mint Eventual closing of the CC Mint in 1893 Resources available for collectors Speaker(s): Darrell Low & Leonard Augsburger.

    Lusitania Medal and Its Varieties 8/20/2005

    Lusitania Medal and Its Varieties

    Learn about the most famous of the Karl Goetz medals satirizing the sinking of the British liner, Lusitania, by the German submarine U-20. See and learn about the different German varieties as well as issues by the British, Americans, and other countries. This presentation include3s: Background of Goetz, the German medallist Story of the Lusitania and the controversy surroundings its sinking Examples of the many different issues of the medal and why they were struck Related ephemera including boxes, pamphlets, posters, cartoons and more Speaker(s): Greg Burns.

    National Bank Note Currency 8/20/2005

    National Bank Note Currency

    "The Civil War, the Comptroller's Office and 73 Years of Bank Notes" See this overview of the wide varieties of ways to collect the many issues of National currency including: Story of wild cat banks How the Civil War affected America's money causing the creation of the first Federal issues Act of February 25, 1863 that created National bank notes and how the system worked Survival of the different bank note issues Gold and its affect on the value on paper money Problems with national bank note currency Effects of WWI on America's money Story of Hugh McCulloch and John Jay Knox who appear on certain issues Examples of the different series and names of banks The problems that brought about the demise of National currency Speaker(s): Peter Huntoon.

    NLG Bash 2005 8/20/2005

    NLG Bash 2005

    Fun and frivolity with the numismatic hobby's most zany and intellectually gifted people. See them and enjoy their humor as they honor one another for their literary accomplishments at this annual bash. Speaker(s): Wendell Wolka, Ed Reiter, and Scott Travers.

    Numismatic Perspectives of the Battle of Little Big Horn 8/20/2005

    Numismatic Perspectives of the Battle of Little Big Horn

    Historical perspective of the area of the Little Big Horn and how discovery of gold affected its settlement Why the Indians were uncooperative with the government Diagram of the battlefield Account of the battle by Wooden Leg, an Indian who told of finding money on the bodies of the dead soldiers Money and coins that were found How a fire in 1983 allowed excavation of the battle site and examples of what was discovered Speaker(s): Erik J. Heikkenen.

    Numismatic Tribute to Two Heroic Ships 8/20/2005

    Numismatic Tribute to Two Heroic Ships

    A coin struck in 2004 commemorated the Australian cruiser Perth and the American cruiser Houston. Both were sunk in a sea battle in 1942 by the Japanese. Learn the survivor's' fate after being taken prisoner as well as: Overview of the start of WWII Story of the sea battle The cruel treatment of the prisoners Salvage of the ships Speaker(s): Tom Sebring.

    Overview of Counterfeit Coinage 8/20/2005

    Overview of Counterfeit Coinage

    Counterfeit coinage has plagued collectors for decades. This presentation discusses the diagnostics and manufacturing methods employed by the fakers. Speaker(s): Christopher Pilliod.

    Remarks U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral 8/20/2005

    Remarks U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral

    The newly appointed Treasurer shares her story and perspectives of the current market. Speaker(s): Anna Escobedo Cabral.

    Remembering People from the Carson City Mint 8/20/2005

    Remembering People from the Carson City Mint

    Learn the story of the people who ran America's mint in Nevada that struck some of this country's most desirable coinage. This presentation includes the story of the first mint Director and all subsequent people who were involved in Carson City. Speaker(s): Hal V. Dunn.

    SS Central America Discovery 8/20/2005

    SS Central America Discovery

    On September 12, 1857, the SS Central America sank carrying the greatest lost treasure: tons of California gold. A team of scientists and engineers that included Bob Evans recovered over two tons of gold. This gold created a sensation in the numismatic community. Includes commentary by Q. David Bowers about the coins and people involved. Speaker(s): Robert Evans.

    Tips on Getting Kids into Coins 8/20/2005

    Tips on Getting Kids into Coins

    Presented by well-known educator and teacher, Walter Ostromecki. Discover techniques and way's to bring the hobby of coin collecting alive to kids and families. Speaker(s): Walter Ostromecki.

    Tokens & Money of the US Prison System, Cons w/ Cash 8/20/2005

    Tokens & Money of the US Prison System, Cons w/ Cash

    To allow prisoners to operate in a monetary economy and earn money from prison jobs, many institutions issued special "Prison Money" for their inmates. These distinctive tokens could be used to buy cigarettes, snacks and other items from the commissary. This presentation includes: Why tokens are permitted in prison Problems of using real money Prison society and how it works Reference works available Tokens issued from different states Collecting postcards depicting prisons Examples that include "Blood Money"" token of Rarcoman, MS, Mutual Welfare League of Sing Sing, Coca Cola, Pepsi and candy issues, prison scrip for movies and hair cuts, errors and varieties Different ways to collect Speaker(s): Sarah & Phil Nordin.

    Stan Lee talks About Collecting 12/31/2005

    Stan Lee talks About Collecting

    Legendary Stan Lee talks about collecting and how Heritage Auctions helped him sell.

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