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David Lisot (1953-2022) was active in numismatic video since the 1980s and created over 2,000 titles.


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    Heritage Auctions: Platinum Night FUN Convention 1/5/06 1/5/2006

    Heritage Auctions: Platinum Night FUN Convention 1/5/06

    2006 FUN Coin Convention packed room with Platinum Night Auction sale by Heritage.

    ANA Seminar, January 2006 1/10/2006

    ANA Seminar, January 2006

    Hear the leaders of the world's largest coin collector organization outline their vision for the future of the organization in a PowerPoint presentation. Afterwards hear a spirited question and answer period where various issues are addressed that include many controversial topics. Speaker(s): Bill Horton, President & Chris Cipoletti, Executive Director.

    Confessions of a Cherrypicker 1/10/2006

    Confessions of a Cherrypicker

    Don is a former ANACS grade and a successful coin dealer and collector who has decades of experience in numismatics. Over the years he has purchased countless double dies and rare varieties for common coin prices Speaker(s): Don Bonser.

    Counterfeit Detection of Gold $20 St. Gaudens 1/10/2006

    Counterfeit Detection of Gold $20 St. Gaudens

    One of the most admired people in the coin hobby shares one section of his new book on gold counterfeits, United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guide, by Whitman Publishing. He goes into real detail about the most popular series of US gold, the St Gaudens. Speaker(s): Bill Fivaz.

    FUN Convention Highlights 2006 1/10/2006

    FUN Convention Highlights 2006

    See all the dignitaries for the annual Florida United Numismatists Convention in Orlando as they announce the show and cut the ribbon. Speaker(s): Carrie Best, FUN President.

    How Not to Lose Your Money Collecting Coins 1/10/2006

    How Not to Lose Your Money Collecting Coins

    This former ANA President has seen the expensive mistakes made by beginning collectors. He shares with you how to avoid the "land mines" of coin buying. Speaker(s): Anthony Swiatek.

    Joy of Collecting Bust Halves 1/10/2006

    Joy of Collecting Bust Halves

    This presentation is delivered by a collector and researcher who gives an overview of collecting Bust halves as well as an in-depth explanation and examination of edge letter varieties. Speaker(s): William H. Cowburn, Jr..

    Paper Money from the Arcade Currency Palace 1/10/2006

    Paper Money from the Arcade Currency Palace

    Meet the man who has created the only showroom in America devoted exclusively to United States paper money. Ahmet is one of the paper money hobby's most positive advocates as he shares his views on collecting and shows examples of large and small size notes. Speaker(s): Ahmet Sandikci.

    Silver Dollar Investors Forum (28th Annual), January 2006 1/10/2006

    Silver Dollar Investors Forum (28th Annual), January 2006

    Two men who have headed the National Silver Roundtable share their views of the current silver dollar market. In this lecture only presentation you will hear them answer ten questions that every collector and investor would want to know regarding the market in cartwheels. Their discussion includes the market in the past year grading services, what coins to buy, what dates are overpriced, VAMS, counterfeits, and more. Speaker(s): Randy Campbell & Al Johnbrier.

    SSDC 3rd Annual VAM Thing 1/10/2006

    SSDC 3rd Annual VAM Thing

    This annual gathering of silver dollar specialists has plenty of new information about the increasingly popular arena of VAM collecting. You will hear the membership report, treasurer's report, future of the market outlook, new books published, current research and much more. Speaker(s): Jeff Oxman, Dr. Michael Fey, Ash Harrison, Dr. Mark Kimpton, John Baumgart.

    Take the Mystery Out of Grading 1/10/2006

    Take the Mystery Out of Grading

    Coin World editor Beth Deisher shares highlights from her recently released book, "Making the Grade." This publication gives basic grading tips on everything from Morgan and Peace dollars to Lincoln and Indian cents to Walking Liberty half dollars. Hear and see about this book that should be in every collector's library. Speaker(s): Beth Deisher.

    Ultimate Smart Coin Consumer 1/10/2006

    Ultimate Smart Coin Consumer

    This former ANA Vice President is a prolific author and numismatic consumer advocate. He believes the average collector can protect himself from the numismatic "bad guys." Maurice Rosen is a well-known newsletter writer who specializes in investment information about coins. Together this dynamic duo shares with you how to make the best decisions buying. Speaker(s): Scott Travers & Maurice Rosen.

    PCGS Set Registry Meeting 2006-Grading Summit 1/28/2006

    PCGS Set Registry Meeting 2006-Grading Summit

    News and information about the Professional Coin Grading Service. Speaker(s): David Hall.

    Coin Collecting Reverse Psychology: From Gold to Silver to Copper 5/5/2006

    Coin Collecting Reverse Psychology: From Gold to Silver to Copper

    Ed is a long-term EAC member who has gone the gamut of coin collecting. Hear his story about how he got started collecting coins beginning with gold and finally ended up a copper collector. He shares stories of his first purchases and the dealers with whom he traded. Hear the tales of his best cherrypicks and the various dates and varieties in his collection. Speaker(s): Ed Miller.

    Collecting Large Cents of 1796 to 1807 by Die State 5/5/2006

    Collecting Large Cents of 1796 to 1807 by Die State

    David shares his experiences about collecting this challenging are of large cents. You will see and learn: * Why people collect by die state * The definition and explanation of die state * How dies are produced and the evolution of the state of the die over time * Classification of die states * Specialized terms to describe die states * Die state progressions * Ways to collect them and the books and data to help you Speaker(s): David Johnson.

    Copper's Role in American Coinage 5/5/2006

    Copper's Role in American Coinage

    Includes and introduction by EAC President Dan Holmes and Chuck Heck, EAC Director of Education. David Lange Is Numismatic Researcher for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. In this lecture presentation he tells about: * Use of copper in the current world society * How the copper cent now has so little copper in it * Role of world coins that circulated in early America * Role of copper coins in the history of world numismatics * Examples of different world copper coins and the different suppliers * Obsolescence of the Lincoln cent and why it may be discontinued * Question and answers Speaker(s): David Lange.

    EAC Early Coppers Update 2006 5/5/2006

    EAC Early Coppers Update 2006

    Hear these advanced collectors and dealers share their expertise about the state of the early American coppers market. Find out the trends in the hobby, the latest discoveries, and ways to learn more about the field. Each one addresses a different segment of the market including Colonials, half cents, early, middle and late date large cents. Speaker(s): Bob Grellman, Chuck Heck, Ed Masuoka, Tom Rinaldo, & John Wright.

    Everything You Are Scared to Ask About How Coin Auctions Really Work 5/5/2006

    Everything You Are Scared to Ask About How Coin Auctions Really Work

    John is Director of Numismatic Research at American Numismatic Rarities. He has lectured and written for years about different aspects of the coin hobby. Hear this insightful explanation about the coin auction process. Prior colleague Mark Borckardt, Numismatic Research for Heritage Auction Galleries adds additional insights as these two friends share truths and trade friendly jabs about selling your coins at auction. You will hear and learn: * Reasons why people collect *Types of consignors * The different involved at the auction house to produce the sale and the work they do * The auction process, what is involved and how some coins require much more work * Challenges of the verbal descriptions * How coins are estimated for value and insurance * Cash reporting and whether it affects coins sold at auction Speaker(s): John Kraljevich.

    First Copper Coins Struck by the American Colonies 5/5/2006

    First Copper Coins Struck by the American Colonies

    Why a mint was proposed for the United States and the difficulties of it's beginning * Proposals for different coinages systems including those of Robert Morris and Thomas Jefferson * Copper issues of the state of Vermont as it became the first state to strike its own coinage * How the decimal system was finally chosen over the British system * Various petitions of different states to strike their own coinage * Shay's rebellion and why it occurred * Massachusetts coinage and how and who was involved in its creation Speaker(s): Mike Packard.

    Large Cent Census Data from a Different Perspective 5/5/2006

    Large Cent Census Data from a Different Perspective

    Rich is a dedicated EAC member who shares with you other ways to use and interpret the census data that has been and continues to be assembled on early American coppers. You will see and learn about: * Various sources of data available on large cents including NGC, PCGS, Noyes & Bland and others * Different ways to view the information, the usual interpretations and other conclusions that can be reached * Comparison of ratings * The Whist competition of judging collections Speaker(s): Richard Weber.

    Large Cent Studies Based on the 1793 5/5/2006

    Large Cent Studies Based on the 1793

    Jim devotes this presentation to the varieties found on the 1793 large cent. Comparisons of die markings help illustrate the many findings to help the advanced collector build a world-class collection. In this video presentation you will see and learn: * When and why large cents began to be collected * How Ed Cogan became one of America's first coin dealers * Joseph Levick and Augustine Shurtleff * Early researchers of the 1793 large cent including Shurtleff, Crosby, Sheldon and Breen * Examples of plates from the American Numismatic Journal Speaker(s): James Neiswinter.

    NumiStudy-Update 2006 5/5/2006

    NumiStudy-Update 2006

    This is a computer program that was developed to help identify the different varieties and die marriages of the various early coppers. The program is being continually updated and this presentation is a report detailing the latest developments from its creator. Speaker(s): John D. Lusk.

    1794 Large Cent Die State Project-2006 5/5/2006

    1794 Large Cent Die State Project-2006

    The Project goal is to assemble and eventually print a comprehensive color photographic work on the various die states of the 58 collectible and 11 non-collectible Sheldon varieties of the 1794 large cents. Hear this update on this ongoing project from the EAC members who spearhead this noble effort. This year's presentation includes a comparison of edge lettering that indicates the possibility of two different castaiing machines and a serious look at hair designs. Speaker(s): Bim Gander, Chuck Heck, & Jon Warshawsky.

    Three Old Guys Talking About Early Copper 5/5/2006

    Three Old Guys Talking About Early Copper

    Hear these three longtime participants in the world of large cent collecting share their memories about collectors, deals, and dealers. The talk is candid, funny and enlightening. This presentation is a must for anyone who wants to know the esoteric stories of the early copper market. Speaker(s): Mark Borckardt, Denis Loring, & Darwin Palmer.

    Understanding "Copper Quotes by Robinson" (CQR) 5/5/2006

    Understanding "Copper Quotes by Robinson" (CQR)

    Longtime participant in EAC Jack Robinson shares his perspective of the ways to evaluate and compare early American coppers. He addresses the systems used in the past and new innovations to help make them more effective. He also addresses challenges in the difference between value grading of third party grading and EAC grading for condition. Speaker(s): Jack H. Robinson.

    ANA Convention Highlights 2006 Atlanta 8/15/2006

    ANA Convention Highlights 2006 Atlanta

    Includes introduction to the convention, dignitaries , and all the accolades accorded to the many workers and volunteers who helped make the Atlanta Convention take place. Moderator: Chris Cipoletti.

    ANA Seminar: April 2006 8/15/2006

    ANA Seminar: April 2006

    Executive Director of the ANA Chris Cipoletti presents the vision and direction of the world's largest coin collector organization. In this presentation you will learn: * ANA mission statement * challenges of dealing with the ANA membership * values of the ANA * the plan to accomplish the mission * goals of ANA Outreach * goals of the Edward C. Rochette Museum * goals of the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library * goals of the ANA publications and meetings * how these plans will be implemented Speaker(s): Chris Cipoletti.

    Parthia: The Forgotten Empire 8/15/2006

    Parthia: The Forgotten Empire

    Learn about this almost-forgotten nation of nomadic horsemen who conquered, ruled and survived against the growth of the Roman Empire for over 400 years. In this presentation you will see and learn: * background of Parthia that was founded by Arsaces I and the extent of his empire * basis of its coinage and the Greek influence * examples of the deterioration of coinage style * how to read Parthian coinage * story of Musa, the only Parthian queen to be depicted on a Parthian coin * different examples of portraits and why they may have changed * final Parthian coinage under Artabanos IV who was defeated by the Sassanians * the seven major Parthian subkingdoms * historical struggle between Rome and Parthia Speaker(s): Douglas A. Mudd.

    Red Book, What is Black and White and Read All Over? 8/15/2006

    Red Book, What is Black and White and Read All Over?

    "A Guide Book of Unites States Coin," known in the coin hobby as the 'Red Book,' made author R.S. Yeoman a publishing legend. David Crenshaw is the director of numismatic research at Whitman Publishing. He explores the 60 year history of this intriguing book Red Book Editor Kenneth Bressett joins David to add his perspective to the story. In this presentation you will learn: * story of Richard Yeo and how he created the first "penny board" * first issue of the "Blue Book" in 1942 * debut of the, Guide Book of United States Coin, called the "Red Book," in 1946 * examples of rare and unusual copies of the Red Book * corporate evolution of ownership * the series of commemorative medallions that have been struck Speaker(s): David Crenshaw & Kenneth Bressett.

    Take the Mystery Out of Grading America's Most Popularly Collected U.S. Coins 8/15/2006

    Take the Mystery Out of Grading America's Most Popularly Collected U.S. Coins

    Learn about the new book published by Coin World newspaper, "Making the Grade--A Grading Guide to the Top 25 Most Widely Collected U.S. Coins." In this presentation by Editor Beth Deisher she will show you and explain how the book's full-color photos help you identify a wide range of grades in each series of coin. Speaker(s): Beth Deisher.

    Untold Story of Confederate Coins 8/15/2006

    Untold Story of Confederate Coins

    Learn the intriguing tale of how Confederate coinage was created and the history of the principal characters in the Civil War and at the New Orleans mint. In this lecture and PowerPoint presentation you will see and learn: * how Bevill's family background inspired him to do research * mints that were located in the South * the jeweler Lovett who approached to make coins for the Confederacy * examples of coins struck by the CSA after the war began * story of the Confederate half dollar and the defining characteristics * story of William Mumford * how a Lovett Confederate cent shows up in a bar in west Philadelphia in 1873 * dies and coins sold to coin dealer Hazeltine and the restrikes produced Speaker(s): James P. Bevill.

    VISA Cash Card Trial at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games 8/15/2006

    VISA Cash Card Trial at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

    Join David Provost as he shares his collection and explores the economic and technological drivers behind the first wide-scale, public test of a new type of money--VISA Cash Cards. In this video with slides you will see and learn: * explanation of a cash card vs. a credit card * why cash cards were created * how the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 were chosen as the trial test of these new cards * which banks participated in the trial * whether the trial was considered a success or failure * examples of the cards issued that depict real and fictitious athletes, puzzles, kids, Olympic coins and more * themes on cards that are promotional , VIP, hospitality, and reloadable * examples of cards that were reissued Speaker(s): David Provost.

    American Advocates of Changing the Course of National Coin Design 8/15/2006

    American Advocates of Changing the Course of National Coin Design

    The Story of Roosevelt and St. Gaudens Maynard Sundman Lecture Series Coinage design reflects many facets of what is important to governments and societies. When it is time to change the design of a coin many factors come into play. In this lecture only presentation you will learn: * how politics usually embraces projects rather than concepts * Theodore Roosevelt who championed the concept underlying American coinage * the story of Roosevelt and Augustus St. Gaudens and creating new coin designs * difficulties from the designs, the personalities and the technologies in creating the new coinage Speaker(s): Roger W. Burdette.

    ANA Convention Highlights 2006 Denver 8/15/2006

    ANA Convention Highlights 2006 Denver

    Features ANA Executive Director leading the opening ceremonies for the Denver Convention. Includes dignitaries and the display of the ten 1933 $20 Saint Gaudens double Eagles confiscated by the Treasury Department and being held by the US Mint. Speaker(s): Chris Cipoletti, Moderator.

    ANA Library as Your Resource 8/15/2006

    ANA Library as Your Resource

    Join David Sklow, newly appointed Director of the ANA Library and Research for an informational discussion on the future of the ANA Library. In this lecture only presentation you will hear: * David's background * mission of the ANA Library * what is involved in checking out a book * the rare book room * new technologies being introduced * how to make a donation to the library * questions and answers Speaker(s): David Sklow.

    Auctions and Alternatives in Today's Coin Market 8/15/2006

    Auctions and Alternatives in Today's Coin Market

    Whether a novice or a seasoned veteran of the rare coin market, this venue will aid you in getting the most for your money by providing inside tips on how to obtain the best prices when selling. Discussion includes the benefits and pitfalls of auction and working with private dealers. In this lecture with Powerpoint you will see and learn: * different types of auction * benefits and pitfalls of buying through auction * alternative ways to buys coins * process of finding a reputable dealer * advantages and disadvantages of buying through auction * alternatives to selling * whether you should try to sell yourself * questions and answers from the audience Speaker(s): Jeff Ambio.

    Central American Cobs 8/15/2006

    Central American Cobs

    A Reappraisal through the Contemporary Documentation The Central American provisional mints of 1823-1825 have remained the least understood areas in Latin American numismatics. Join numismatic researcher Carlos Jara who will introduce previously unknown documentation, and through its analysis, will propose a reattribution of the known coins to their "correct" mints in Nicaragua and Honduras. In this video with Powerpoint presentation you will see and learn: * the general lack of documentary back up * confirmed mints of Tegucigalpa, Comayagua, El Viejo, Leon, and Granada * years of issue of Granada cobs and imagery found on them * El Viejo issues; their characteristics and rarity * PMPY cobs currently attributed to Honduras and the distribution of subvarieties that indicate another mint * cobs of Leon created to circulate in Costa Rica and the countermarks that resulted * issues of Tegucigalpa: their attributions and new information about them * new understandings about these issues Speaker(s): Carlos Jara.

    Coinage of Alexander the Great and Alexander's Image on Currency 8/15/2006

    Coinage of Alexander the Great and Alexander's Image on Currency

    Maynard Sundman Lecture Series Dr. Montero collects almost any numismatic item that has a reference to Alexander the Great. His research is extensive and shows you many aspects of Alexandrian influence that you may not be aware. In this video with Powerpoint presentation you will see and learn: * how coins are an extension of power * collecting the different mints that struck Alexander's coins * differences between lifetime issues and posthumous issues * books to help with understanding * examples of different issues with varying head types and symbolism * use of Alexander's bust by his successors on future coinage * Roman coins that kept and Alexandrian theme * Christian themes of Alexander Speaker(s): Joaquin Montero, Ph.D.

    Coins of Crisis During the Reign of George III (1760-1820) 8/15/2006

    Coins of Crisis During the Reign of George III (1760-1820)

    How did England survive wars, revolution and the birth of the Industrial Revolution without running out of money? Expedient expedients, of course! See how to cope and survive. In this video with slides you will see and learn: * background of the times of George III * examples of the coinage * why the need for silver necessitated England buying dealing with Spain * countermarks examples of George III on Spanish coinage * the 1804 dollar of Great Britain * copper coins including Conder tokens * contributions of Bolton & Watt to the minting process culminating in the cartwheels of 1797 * gold issues and the odd denominations * beginnings of the new issues of silver in 1816 and the different portrait types Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts, III.

    Coins that Made History 8/15/2006

    Coins that Made History

    Maynard Sundman Lecture Series Power, Abundance and Longevity During the course of history certain issues of coinage have attained a status of great historical impact. Hear American Numismatic Society Curator, Robert Hoge discuss these important issues. In the video with Powerpoint presentation you will see and learn: * criterion for how these coinage issues were determined * examples throughout history including Chinese cowrie money, Lydian issues of 600 BC, electrum staters of Ionia and Cyzkcene * concepts of standardized weights and values * multiple issues of world coinage from ancient times until the American cent Speaker(s): Robert Wilson Hoge.

    Dexter's 1804 Dollar Rara Avis 8/15/2006

    Dexter's 1804 Dollar Rara Avis

    Maynard Sundman Lecture Series Hear the amazing story of one of the rarest and most intriguing coins in the American coin series. Learn how early in the history of coin collecting this was considered one of the classic issues in all of numismatics. You will get to see the "Dexter" Specimen of the U.S. 1804 dollar that was on display. You will also see and learn: * comparison to other great rarities * importance of provenance * story of the sale in 1885 by the Chapman brothers that included what became known as the Dexter Specimen of the 1804 dollar * differences between the three different types * questions of authenticity * appearance of the King of Siam set in 1962 that confirmed some theories Speaker(s): Mark A. Ferguson.

    History of Clark, Gruber & Co. 8/15/2006

    History of Clark, Gruber & Co.

    Colorado's Foremost Private Minting Firm during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush William Robins Join William Robins for an in-depth discussion on his recently published article (Numismatist, July 2006) detailing the history, significance and coinage of Clark, Gruber and Co., the private gold coins of Denver during the early years of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. In this video with Powerpoint presentation you will see and learn: * the story of the discovery of gold in Colorado * how Clark teamed up with Gruber * ways that gold was initially processed after its discovery and the problems involved * why the decision was made to strike private coinage and the equipment used * other banks in the region * examples of the first pattern coins struck in 1860 and subsequent years * paper script issued for Clark, Gruber & Company * factors that contributed to the eventual sale of the company to the US government Speaker(s): William Robins.

    King Farouk and the Fenton 1933 Double Eagle 8/15/2006

    King Farouk and the Fenton 1933 Double Eagle

    The American Numismatic Association is proud to present Alison Frankel, author of the recently published book "Double Eagle: The Epic Story of the World's Most Valuable Coin". A book signing will follow Ms. Frankel's presentation. Sponsored by Pinnacle Rarities. King Farouk and the Fenton 1933 Double Eagle In this lecture presentation you will hear and learn: * discovery of 10 unknown 1933 $20 St. Gaudens by the Langbord family and their story * legal wrangling whether the coins belong to the Mint or to the family * why attorney Barry Berke was selected by the family to represent them to gain ownership of the coins * story of the Fenton coin that was deemed legal to own due to its original ownership by King Farouk of Egypt * overview of the case presented by Fenton that his 1933 was indeed owned by Farouk * story of Andre deClermont who purchased the 1933 from Egyptian jewelry who represented the owners in Egypt Speaker(s): Alison Frankel.

    Lincoln Cent of 1909 8/15/2006

    Lincoln Cent of 1909

    Maynard Sundman Lecture Series The introduction of the Lincoln cent created controversy in many different areas both at the Mint and in society. Learn the drama that unfolded as this historic coin was created from a man who is famous for his knowledge in this area. In this video with overhead projector you will see and lean: * final use of Liberty on US coinage * the Lincoln cent as the first regular circulating coin issue to depict an actual person * story of Victor David Brenner and Theodore Roosevelt and the new cent created in 1909 * examples of proposed cents * controversy of use of the designer's initials * distribution of the VDB cents and how they were hoarded Speaker(s): Sol Taylor, Ph.D..

    Modern Sovereign & Half-Sovereign 8/15/2006

    Modern Sovereign & Half-Sovereign

    Gold Coins of the British Empire from 1817 to Today The history of the sovereign and half-sovereign is tied to the development of Great Britain as a financial power in the early 19th century. Long-time collector Richard Jozefiak will bring an overview of the development, history and beauty of the collectible gold coins that were once used throughout the world. In this video with Powerpoint you will see and learn: * history of early British gold coinage up to what is called the modern production of Sovereigns that began in 1816 * examples of the different coins * different reverses including St. George and the Dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci * how the Sovereign became a world coin in the 1850's that lasted to the 1920's * comparison to US coinage * various mints and mintmarks * more examples and stories including how to collect Speaker(s): Richard Jozefiak.

    Money of D-Day 8/15/2006

    Money of D-Day

    Maynard Sundman Lecture Series When the GI's stormed the beaches in France during the one of the greatest land invasions ever mounted they carried a new issue of currency. The tale of this new money is filled with intrigue and confrontation. In this lecture with show-and-tell you will learn: * why the new money was issued * issues of Banque de France that were printed in the United States * real photos of the money being paid to the troops * examples of wrappers, handbills, replacement notes, provisional issues and much more Speaker(s): Carlton F. Schwan.

    My 34 Years at the Denver Mint 8/15/2006

    My 34 Years at the Denver Mint

    Join former Denver Mint employee Michael Lantz for a lively hour of interesting stories, anecdotes and history from his many years behind-the-scenes and presses. Questions from the audience are highly encouraged! In this lecture-only presentation you will learn: * how the Mint tours of today compare to tours of the past * story of the 1964-D Peace dollar and how many could exist * when the Mint changed from 90% silver to copper-nickel * how coinage production was determined * stories about errors, blanks made for other countries and much more Speaker(s): Michael P. Lantz.

    New Life for the Old San Francisco Mint 8/15/2006

    New Life for the Old San Francisco Mint

    If the Vaults Could Talk! Little-known tales from San Francisco's Old Mint, where heroic actions and the foresight of its leaders enabled it to foster the City's economic rise from the ashes of the 1906 earthquake. During the blaze, a few dozen men at the Mint, where coins were manufactured for circulation, stood fast. Led by a political appointee with no experience in crisis management, they fought back against an inferno that melted the glass in the mint's windows and burned the clothes off their backs. By safeguarding gold and silver worth $300 million-the equivalent of more than $6 billion today-they may have saved the U.S. economy from collapse. In this lecture only video you will hear and lean: * history and beginnings of San Francisco * discovery of gold in 1848 and the need for private assay offices * establishment of the first mint in 1854 and the development of the building * William Ralston and the potential bank panic of the 1860's * story of the 1906 earthquake, the survival of the Mint building and the heroism of the workers inside * transition though the decades up to the present * making the Mint into a museum and what is involved Speaker(s): Charles Fracchia.

    Numismatic Collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society 8/15/2006

    Numismatic Collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society

    Collecting for Clio Massachusetts Historical Society Women in Numismatics (WIN) Symposium Anne works with one of the oldest historical societies in Massachusetts. In her role she has seen the growth and development of the collection. In this Powerpoint and video presentation you will see and learn: * types of items in the collection * first numismatic gifts of Joseph Barrell of the Columbia and Washington medal * Washington's set of Comita Americana medals that had been owned by Daniel Webster and how they came to be donated * examples of Colonial notes, medals for awards, the Humane Society, and the discovery of ether and the controversy surrounding them * examples of Indian Peace medals and more Speaker(s): Anne E. Bentley.

    Sacajawea, Lewis & Clark and the Sacajawea Dollar Coin 8/15/2006

    Sacajawea, Lewis & Clark and the Sacajawea Dollar Coin

    Ken Thomasma, author of the book, "The Truth about Sacajawea", presents a spellbinding program featuring the teenage Shoshoni Indian mother who served with the Lewis & Clark Expedition to the Pacific Ocean. In this video lecture with show-and-tell presentation you will learn: * description life for an Indian woman in the late 1700's * the Shoshoni Indian girl Sacajawea who was captured by another Indian tribe and sold into slavery in 1800 * US President Thomas Jefferson and his vision for America that resulted in the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon of France * choice of Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition to explore the new territory * how William Clark was chosen as co-captain and how the other members of the team were selected * the departure from St. Louis and what was involved in preparations * the French trapper Charbonneau who joined the expedition with his wife/slave Sacajawea * respect Sacajawea earned for her courage and help she gave on the journey * the incredible ordeal of the journey and eventual return to St. Louis * what happened to Sacajawea and some of the other travelers after their return * story of the selection of a woman to be on the new golden dollar coin struck in 2000 and how the final choice was Sacajawea Speaker(s): Kenneth Thomasma.

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