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David Lisot (1953-2022) was active in numismatic video since the 1980s and created over 2,000 titles.


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    Coin Conversation:  Ash Harrison 1/07/07 1/7/2007

    Coin Conversation: Ash Harrison 1/07/07

    Hear this conversation with Ash Harrison, collector and dealer from North Carolina. Ash was instrumental in the development and popularizing of the VAM market for silver dollars. He was elected as president of the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors as well. Speaker(s): Host: David Lisot.

    Coin Conversation:  David T. Miller 1/07/07 1/7/2007

    Coin Conversation: David T. Miller 1/07/07

    Hear this conversation with collector David Miller who has assembled the #1 PCGS Set Registry for Proof-Like Morgan Dollars. He explains what motivated him to start collecting and what he intends to do with the collection. Speaker(s): Host: David Lisot.

    Analysis of U.S. Trade Dollars 1/10/2007

    Analysis of U.S. Trade Dollars

    Numismatist Bill Cowburn is an avid collector and researcher of the U.S. Trade Dollar series. Why was the Trade Dollar created? What are the key dates? What about counterfeits? Viewers will get the answers in this outstanding overview of the U.S. Trade Dollar series. The lecture with slides presentation includes: * reasons why the Trade dollar was created in 1873 and the changes that had occurred in America's coinage * how developing trade in the Orient facilitated production of the Trade dollar * designer Charles Barber and the symbolism in the design * weight differences in the different silver dollar-sized coins * why production of Trade dollars ceased in 1877 * examples of the types and many varieties and how to identify them * the different stages of legal status for this coin Speaker(s): Bill Cowburn.

    Coingate: The Untold Story of the Ohio Rare Coin Fund Scandal 1/10/2007

    Coingate: The Untold Story of the Ohio Rare Coin Fund Scandal

    "Coin World" editor Beth Deisher is one of the best- informed observers of the U.S. coin market. This time she turns her attention to the headline grabbing Ohio Coin Fund Scandal. Who was involved? What happened to the $50+ million investment? How did the liquidation of these coins impact the market? Get the answers in Beth Deisher's fact-filled program. This lecture only presentation includes: * how Beth was called by Tom Noe and informed about a breaking news story in the Toledo Blade newspaper about Tom and his business * Noe's political background with the state of Ohio * difficulty of getting information about the rare coin fund from the government * the confiscation of Noe's records and files by Federal officials from his coin shop * details of the agreement that created of the Ohio Rare Coin Fund * companies and coin dealers involved * how during the trial it was revealed that records had been falsified, phony invoices created, and inventories fabricated * Noe's conviction of 25 felonies and 4 misdemeanors that lead to his sentencing to 18 years in prison * comparison of the performance of the other investment funds for the state of Ohio * that the story is still unfolding Speaker(s): Beth Deisher.

    Counterfeit Detection 1/10/2007

    Counterfeit Detection

    Counterfeits continue to plague the hobby. How can you protect yourself from these bogus items? "Mr. Numismatic Education," Bill Fivaz, has the answers! He provides diagnostics for the genuine coins as well as describing resource books and counterfeit detection materials that are available. Investors, collectors and dealers will find this information invaluable. This lecture with slides seminar includes: * the problem of counterfeit coins * examples of genuine coins and their identification diagnostics including * cents; Flying Eagle 1856, Indian 1877, Lincoln 1909-S VDB, 1914-D, 1922 "no D", 1931-S, 1943 copper, 1955 double die * nickels; Buffalo 1916 double die, 1918/7-D, 1937-D 3 legged, Jefferson 1943/2-P * dimes; Mercury 1916-D, 1921-P&D, 1942/1-P, 1942/41-D * quarters; Standing Liberty 1918/7-S, Washington 1932-D&S * dollars; Morgan 1889-CC, 1893-S, 1894-P, Peace 1928 * gold $20 1907 "Omega" High Relief Speaker(s): Bill Fivaz.

    FUN Convention Highlights 2007 1/10/2007

    FUN Convention Highlights 2007

    The opening of the annual Florida United Numismatists Convention is always filled with speeches by numismatic dignitaries and the presentation of awards. Afterwards the viewer will see candid shots of the bourse room and the collectors and dealers in attendance. Speaker(s): Carrie Best, FUN President.

    Insider Analysis of Lincoln Cents 1/10/2007

    Insider Analysis of Lincoln Cents

    Don Bonser Former ANACS grader Don Bonser is a prominent central Florida coin dealer and a true market insider. Which Lincoln cents are underrated? What are the characteristics of these dates? What about grading and the problem of counterfeiting? These and other related questions are addressed This lecture only presentation includes: * his back ground in numismatics * how to store your collection and why it is so important * problems with copper as a metal * why the Lincoln cent is so popular * what dates to collect for the future * why color is important * cherrypicking opportunities Speaker(s): Don Bonser.

    Let's Have Fun with Paper Money 1/10/2007

    Let's Have Fun with Paper Money

    North Carolina numismatist Dennis Beasley has addressed several FUN conventions on a wide range of subjects. Dennis shares with the audience how to get the most enjoyment possible from their paper money collecting endeavors and the different ways to collect. In this lecture with show-and-tell presentation you will learn: * books and publications to help learn about small sized paper money * different ways to collect serial numbers on notes * notes in circulation worth more than face value Speaker(s): Dennis Beasley.

    Maundy Money 1/10/2007

    Maundy Money

    Michigan collector, Don Charters, is a recognized expert and lecturer on the coinage of Great Britain. He turns his attention to the popular and historic Maundy Money coinage. This program is a must for world coin enthusiasts and British collectors. This lecture with show-and-tell includes: * how Maundy money evolved from the Christian tradition washing the feet and donating clothing * creation of the first Maundy coins in 1660 specifically as money to be given to the poor * the different denominations * examples of different monarchs on Maundy coinage Speaker(s): Don Charters.

    Overview of Standing Liberty Quarters 1/10/2007

    Overview of Standing Liberty Quarters

    Jacksonville researcher Ray Herz has done an in-depth analysis of the very popular Standing Liberty quarter series. He addresses which dates are surprisingly scarce in the higher circulated grades, which dates are rare with full head detail as well as other important information. Find out more in this highly informative program that includes: * sculptor Herman A. MacNeil and the influence of Art Nouveau on his creations * controversy and final conclusion of the identity of the model for the design * creation of the plaster models * why the 1916 date is such a rarity * variety differences and their years of creation * the myth of a public outcry over Liberty's exposed breast * weak strike zones and what to look for * statistics to tell you how rare the Standing Liberty quarter really is Speaker(s): Ray Herz.

    Price of Color on Coins 1/10/2007

    Price of Color on Coins

    Some collectors will pay huge premiums for gorgeously toned coins. How much are they paying? What are they really worth? And what about artificial toning? Former ANA President Bob Campbell has the answers in this hard-hitting program. You will see color slides and actual coins including: * Bob's background and how he became involved in dealing toned coins * pitfalls in the market * how to collect the different types of toned coins including monochromatic, rainbow, bulls eye, textile and end wrapper * the progression of colors as they occur on a coin during the toning process * causes of toning * factors that affect pricing * pictures of actual tones coins and their values Speaker(s): H. Robert Campbell.

    Silver Dollar Investors Forum (29th Annual), January 2007 1/10/2007

    Silver Dollar Investors Forum (29th Annual), January 2007

    Randy Campbell is a former President of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable and will answer questions such as "If you could buy just 3 silver dollars at the 2007 FUN Convention, what three would you buy?" "Are the grading services doing a good job, or are they making serious mistakes?" "Which Peace Dollars are undervalued?" "Which silver dollars would you avoid?" Also, several other questions will be answered in this 29th edition of this in-depth program presented yearly at the FUN Convention. This lecture only presentation includes: * how he rates the current silver dollar market * whether the grading services are doing a good job * did the Ohio Rare Coin Fund scandal damage the silver dollar market * what dimple Morgan dollars to buy * what other dollars to buy * five circulated dollars to buy * which silver dollars to avoid * will the Mint's new Presidential series dollar coins stimulate the silver dollar market * outlook for 2007 Speaker(s): Randy Campbell.

    SSDC 4th Annual VAM Thing 1/10/2007

    SSDC 4th Annual VAM Thing

    The Society of Silver Dollar Collectors meeting is for those who specialize in Morgan and Peace Dollar varieties. The includes educational and VAM pricing information, the presentation of the VAM Master Award and other "goodies" guaranteed to entertain and inform those dollar collectors who just love those better dates and varieties as well as hearing about what is happening in the world of silver dollars. You will hear and learn: * SSDC membership report * introduction of officers and guests * examples of Peace dollar varieties show progression die breaks * Leroy Van Allen, his life story, and how VAM's came about * examples of early publications about VAMS * presentation of awards to SSDC membership * other guest comments Speaker(s): Jeff Oxman, Michael Fey, Ph.D., Ash Harrison.

    Coinage of the Southern Confederacy 1/10/2007

    Coinage of the Southern Confederacy

    Palm Beach Coin Club member Bob LeNeve is a serious student of the history, traditions, and coinage of the southern Confederacy. In this program Bob gives a short background on the events leading up to the Civil War, shutting down of the Southern mints and a detailed look at the regular coinage and restrikes of the Confederacy. In this lecture-with-slides you will see and learn: * an overview and historical background * formation of the Confederate States of America * coinage production of the South in 1861 * coins of the CSA including the half dollar, cent and many restrike issues * other possible CSA coins and related materials including Civil War tokens Speaker(s): Robert LeNeve.

    Early American Coppers 1/10/2007

    Early American Coppers

    Chuck is a recognized expert on the early copper coinage of the United States. He is a frequent lecturer at coin meetings and shows across America. Chuck's program includes a detailed history of the Colonial issues and early large and half cents. This lecture-with-slides includes: * examples of the pre-Federal issues of 1783-1791 * the first issues to say "cent" and "e pluribus unum" * token issues including those later overstruck by the US government * the large cents of 1793 including the chain, wreath, and Liberty cap * an explanation and examples of the evolution of the Liberty design and the men who created them * design changes in 1808 and 1816 * examples of proof only issues and their scarcity * half cents and their design changes and rarity Speaker(s): Charles "Chuck" Heck.

    FUN Convention Highlights 2007 Summer 1/10/2007

    FUN Convention Highlights 2007 Summer

    Florida United Numismatists' President Bob Hurst opens the first ever Summer FUN Convention held in West Palm Beach. The opening ceremony includes a Numismatic Ambassador Award from Krause Publications given to Jim and Carrie Best. You then travel to the bourse floor where you see the convention and hear from Bob Hurst, FUN President, Randy Campbell, ANACS Grading Service, Jim Stoutjesdyck, Heritage Auctions, Irma Kane & Cheryl Hartigan, Teletrade, Ed Kuszmar, Florida Currency & Coins, Roger Nix, Whitman Publishing, Chad Hawk, Paper Money Guaranty, and John Wilson, ANA Past President. Speaker(s): West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Introduction to Coin Collecting 1/10/2007

    Introduction to Coin Collecting

    What are the first steps a beginning collector should take? What are the basic tools every collector needs to get started in the numismatic hobby? FUN Board member Tony Swicer has the answers in this informative seminar. Tony has been president of the Palm Beach Coin Club for over 20 years and can help you on the road to successful collecting. In this video lecture you will see and learn: * a basic history of coins, the story of United States coins, the dealers of the past and events that helped promote the hobby * what is needed by the collector to begin collecting including loupes, books, publications, coin clubs and conventions * tips on how to make good decisions and what to avoid * how to care for and store your coins * an explanation of grading and certification Speaker(s): Tony Swicer.

    Ten Silver Dollars for Fun and Profit 1/10/2007

    Ten Silver Dollars for Fun and Profit

    ANACS grader and former FUN and NSDR President Randy Campbell gives specific recommendations about the ten silver dollars that he believes will be good items to include in your collecting portfolio. In this video lecture you will hear: * Randy's background and experience in the coin hobby * problems with the influx of counterfeit coins, cleaning, PVC contamination, plugs and other ways that coins can be mistreated * dangers from unknown grading services * how to improve your grading skills and what tools you need to be a better collector * the ten silver dollars that are Randy's favorites and what grades to buy for the dates 1795, 1799/8, 1844, 1862, Trade 1873 & 1875-S/CC, Morgan 1883 & 1888, and Peace 1927 & 1934-D Speaker(s): Randy Campbell.

    PCGS Set Registry Meeting 2007-CoinFacts Luncheon 1/28/2007

    PCGS Set Registry Meeting 2007-CoinFacts Luncheon

    David Hall leads the PCGS meeting with Ron Guth, Doug Winter, Julian Leidman, John Dannreuther, & Bruce Morelan. Speaker(s): David Hall & Panel.

    Interviews at FUN Coin Convention 2007 1/31/2007

    Interviews at FUN Coin Convention 2007

    Interviews with Ash Harrison, David Miller, Ron Guth, Don Kagin, J.P. Martin, David Harper, Dustin Johnston.

    Coin Varieties We Should Know and Some Others 4/20/2007

    Coin Varieties We Should Know and Some Others

    There are many varieties on coins that are known to most collectors. These varieties can be an interesting and valuable part of someone's collection. In this lecture with slides, veteran collector William Cowburn discusses and shows the varieties that every collector should know as well as many that are not so well known including: * 1883 "no cents" Liberty nickel and a reverse change in 1901 * 1913 Buffalo nickel type 1&2 and a date variety in 1921 * 1938 Jefferson nickel and subsequent changes in 1966 & 1982 * 1892 Barber quarter and the different reverse types including moving mintmarks * seated half dollars with motto and without motto including different sized mintmarks * information about how to collect and other areas for research Speaker(s): William H. Cowburn.

    CSNS Awards Breakfast 2007 4/20/2007

    CSNS Awards Breakfast 2007

    All the work of putting a coin convention together results in rewards being given for the effort. These awards include exhibits and other responsibilities worthy of acknowledgement. This year's Awards Breakfast include a keynote address by one of the coin hobby's most famous personalities, Eric Newman. See and hear the remarks of 96 year old Mr. Newman as well as see other CSNS members rewarded for their hard work. Speaker(s): Eric Newman, Special Guest.

    CSNS Convention Highlights 2007 4/20/2007

    CSNS Convention Highlights 2007

    Two longtime members of the Central States Numismatic Society take you for an insider's stroll on the bourse floor of the 68th Anniversary Convention held in St. Louis. You will see dealers, exhibits, displays and much more as well as learn interesting information about CSNS and the coin hobby. Speaker(s): Roland Finner & James Moores.

    Heritage Coin Club Outreach Program 4/20/2007

    Heritage Coin Club Outreach Program

    Heritage Auction Galleries is the world's largest coin auction company. As part of their efforts to promote coin collecting, David Lisot, Director of the Heritage Coin Club Outreach Program, travels the country delivering lectures to coin clubs and organizations about the numismatic hobby. David's background includes more than 30 years as a collector, writer, researcher as well as television and radio personality involved in collectibles. Hear what is involved in this program to bring more people into the wonderful world of coin collecting. Speaker(s): David Lisot.

    Ten Ways to Ruin Your Coin Club 4/20/2007

    Ten Ways to Ruin Your Coin Club

    Kevin Foley has been involved in numismatics for decades as collector, bank note dealer, show promoter and coin club official. During this time he has seen the many things the leadership of coin club can do to keep from growing and attracting new members. Learn from one of numismatics' most knowledgeable personalities the ways to make your club deliver to its membership what it needs to prosper and grow. Speaker(s): Kevin Foley.

    GNA Coin Show Highlights 2007, Dalton, GA 4/20/2007

    GNA Coin Show Highlights 2007, Dalton, GA

    Host, David Lisot, Video Producer, There is a great coin show sponsored by the Georgia Numismatic Association that is held in Dalton, Georgia. In this on-location video Dennis Schafluetzel, GNA President, takes you on a tour of the bourse floor and shows the hospitality that makes this one of the best regional shows in the country. Host Dennis Schafluetzel, on 4-19-07, walked around the show and talked to Steven Ellsworth, Randy Campbell, Jim Miller, Bill Fivaz, Al Adams, Mac Martin, Radford Stearns, and many others. Speaker(s): Dennis Schafleutzel.

    Kagin's Oldest Pioneer 4/20/2007

    Kagin's Oldest Pioneer

    On 4-20-07 at the Georgia Numismatic Association, Dalton, Georgia Coin Show Don Kagin delivered his legendary presentation about a prospector who finds gold telling America's gold rush story. Speaker(s): Don Kagin.

    Ben Franklin's Numismatic Contributions 5/5/2007

    Ben Franklin's Numismatic Contributions

    One of the most interesting and influential men during the United States Colonial times was Benjamin Franklin. His contributions include the area of inventions, diplomacy, statesmanship and as well as numismatics. In this video you will see and learn the: * story of Benjamin Franklin's life and death * his role as a printer of Continental currency * the contributions to coinage design and the development of the images used * letters and documentation relating to the different issues including currency, the Fugio cent, the Continental dollar, and the Libertas Americana medal * use of Liberty on coinage and her evolution over the years Speaker(s): Franklin Noel.

    Collecting Early United States Silver Coins and the JRCS 5/5/2007

    Collecting Early United States Silver Coins and the JRCS

    The 2007 Early American Coppers Convention represented the first cooperation with the John Reich Collector Society. This lecture addresses various silver issues collected by members of the JRCS and examines in detail: examples of early Bust dollars, halves, quarters, dimes and half dimes * the varieties and rarities of each series * in-depth information about each series and what is involved in collecting them Speaker(s): Nathan Markowitz & Jon Lusk.

    Connections from Jesus Christ, Francisco Pizzaro and John Reich to Early American Silver Coins 5/5/2007

    Connections from Jesus Christ, Francisco Pizzaro and John Reich to Early American Silver Coins

    * the lack of records about silver used by the early Mint * history and background of the Incan civilization * Francisco Pizzaro and how he came to South America and confronted the Incas * the story of the plunder and destruction of the entire Indian empire * the silver and how it was transported back to Spain Speaker(s): Brad Karoleff.

    Copper Quotes by Robinson 101 and Upward 5/5/2007

    Copper Quotes by Robinson 101 and Upward

    Jack Robinson has committed decades to the observation and recording of data about early US large cents. His research is published in the publication, "Copper Quotes by Robinson." Find out more about this controversial man and his love for what he calls "copper Rembrandts" as he explains * why the need for CQR and how it was started * the inadequacy of normal numismatic grading standards for early copper * issues involved in grading early coppers including the difference between grade and condition * factors involved in pricing * questions regarding census and the various die marriages Speaker(s): Jack Robinson.

    EAC and JRCS: What to Look Forward to 5/5/2007

    EAC and JRCS: What to Look Forward to

    The Early American Coppers Convention in St. Louis in 2007 included bourse tables and membership from the John Reich Collectors Society. Both groups have an appreciation for the early coins of the United States. Hear the leadership of both organizations discuss the plans and hopes for this landmark decision. Speaker(s): Dan Holmes & Brad Karoleff.

    EAC Coin Auction Sale Retrospective 1975-2006 5/5/2007

    EAC Coin Auction Sale Retrospective 1975-2006

    When the Early American Coppers organization holds their annual coin convention they also schedule an auction. Over the years these auctions have been the source of many great coins being sold and stories about the EAC. Hear member Michael narrate the history of these sales including the: * history of each EAC auction since in 1974 * number of coins sold, types and sale totals * different people who have been the auctioneers over the years * which sales were help during a full moon * catalog cover designers and who did the cataloguing * breakdown of coins offered most often * list of coins that have never been offered * so much other information about these sales you cannot imagine! Speaker(s): Michael Gebhardt.

    EAC Convention Highlights 2007 5/5/2007

    EAC Convention Highlights 2007

    Enjoy the highlights of being at the Early American Coppers Convention in 2007. This yearly gathering of specialty collectors shows some of special events that take place including: * the sumptuous banquet and member gathering * conversations with various EAC members and attendees * a visit to the renowned "EAC Happening" and the items on display * shots of the bourse floor and interviews with EAC officers and dealers * greetings from the "Boys of '94" and why the EAC Convention is so important Speaker(s): EAC Members.

    How to Build a Library for Early American Copper Coins 5/5/2007

    How to Build a Library for Early American Copper Coins

    Every numismatist needs a library and especially so when collecting the copper coins of early America. Learn from one of the brightest minds in the coin hobby how to assemble all the books you will need to expand your coin knowledge. In this lecture you will learn: * why building a numismatic library is important * how it can help you make money * concept of core and peripheral books * books necessary for any coin collector no matter what they collect * specialty books for copper collectors * importance of Penny Whimsy by Dr. Sheldon * which auction catalogs are important to building a great collection Speaker(s): John Kraljevich.

    NumiStudy-Update 2007 5/5/2007

    NumiStudy-Update 2007

    One of the most sophisticated computer programs for determining and archiving die varieties for early American copper coins is discussed in this seminar. Developed by numismatist and computer programmer Jon Lusk this update on the NumiStudy system is a regular feature at the annual EAC Convention. Speaker(s): Jon Lusk.

    Pages from Penny Wise 5/5/2007

    Pages from Penny Wise

    Longtime Early American Coppers member shares his research into the various contributors to the publication "Penny Wise." These anecdotes will amuse and entertain you about some of the hobby's more literate personalities. Speaker(s): Mark Borckardt.

    St. Patrick Token Coinage at the American Numismatic Society 5/5/2007

    St. Patrick Token Coinage at the American Numismatic Society

    Curator from the American Numismatic Society, Robert W. Hoge, delivers this special presentation about the intriguing issues of the St. Patrick tokens of the late 17th century. The sale of the John Ford Collection brought some higher quality specimens on the market making this lecture with slides very timely about a little understood but highly desirable area of numismatics. Speaker(s): Robert W. Hoge.

    What Every Spouse Should Know About a Coin Collection 5/5/2007

    What Every Spouse Should Know About a Coin Collection

    Building a coin collection can be a lifelong undertaking. Since the value of a coin collection can be substantial it is important that the spouse of a coin collector knows what is involved when that collection becomes part of an estate. Early American Coppers member and CPS Chuck Heck offers valuable information in this complicated area including: * planning * understanding grade, condition and value * raw vs. slabbed * record keeping * net worth * tax and estate planning * capital asset, holding period, collectibles and tax rates * ways to hold property * wills, estates, probate and trusts * creating a timetable Speaker(s): Charles Heck.

    History of Coin Grading 6/15/2007

    History of Coin Grading

    Ron Guth is president of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the world's largest third party grading company. He is a numismatic author, web site creator and lecturer with decades of experience in numismatics. Numismatic author and consumer advocate Scott A. Travers introduces him. In the video with PowerPoint presentation you will see and learn: * why the grade of a coin is so important * historical moments in the evolution of coin collecting and grading * the story of Dr. Sheldon upon whose grading system the current market is based * creation of PCGS * introduction of intermediate grades, strike characteristics like full step or head and proof-like * future of coin grading Speaker(s): Ron Guth.

    Primer of Judean Biblical Coins 8/15/2007

    Primer of Judean Biblical Coins

    Coins of the Bible are actual, factual, historical, and very interesting to collectors and scholars. Learn about these pieces ancient money from author and historian David Hendin. Speaker(s): David Hendin.

    ANA Candidate Forum 2007 Charlotte, NC 8/20/2007

    ANA Candidate Forum 2007 Charlotte, NC

    Joseph Boling, John Eshbach, Arthur Fitts, Alan Herbert, Patricia Jagger-Finner. Donald H. Kagin, Clifford Mishler, Edward C. Rochette, Carl Schwenker, Radford Stearns, Barry Stuppler, Anthony Tumonis, Wendell Wolka Running for office of the Board of Governors is a challenging task. The discussions and votes of this group of members determine the direction of the association. Meet and hear the candidates who were able to attend this panel discussion held at the Charlotte ANA Convention as they present their campaign positions and answer questions from the audience. Speaker(s): ANA Candidates.

    ANA Convention Highlights 2007 Charlotte 8/20/2007

    ANA Convention Highlights 2007 Charlotte

    Begins with a video clip from the ANA Exhibit Judges meeting. Then it moves to the opening ceremony that includes introductory remarks by William Horton, ANA President, Gregory Field, Convention General Chairman, the U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy and others. Awards and acknowledgements are given to the many workers and volunteers who helped make the Charlotte Convention take place. Moderator: Chris Cipoletti.

    Coinage of Christianity: From Babylon to Ethiopia 8/20/2007

    Coinage of Christianity: From Babylon to Ethiopia

    Numismatist Radford Stearns highlights the roots of Christianity through the coinage of the Babylonian Captivity to 20th century Ethiopia. Coinage of the period will be presented with appropriate scriptural references. Speaker(s): Radford Stearns.

    Collecting Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents 8/20/2007

    Collecting Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents

    Jerry Sajbel shares his collecting passion in this presentation that focuses entirely on the U.S. "Flying Eagle & Indian Head" cent. Topics include the design, history, mintages, as well as regular and irregular issues and grading techniques. In this lecture-with-slides presentation you will hear and learn about: * how Jerry got started collecting * why the large cent was reduced in size * how and why nickel was introduced into coinage by the efforts of Joseph Wharton * the coin collecting craze of 1858 * difficulty striking coins in nickel * evolution of the cent in design and composition * major and minor types and varieties of the flying eagle and Indian cent series Speaker(s): Jerry Sajbel.

    Collecting South Carolina Paper Money 8/20/2007

    Collecting South Carolina Paper Money

    Eric Lamp, current president of the South Carolina Numismatic Association, shares his own personal experiences and collecting strategies through a discussion on the paper money issues of South Carolina. Specific topics will include colonial and national notes, with a particular emphasis on obsolete currency of the state. In this lecture-with-slides presentation you will hear and learn: * first issues of paper money in 1703 and the other early issues through 1803 * rarity of some of the notes * how notes can be discovered and come on the market * notes that have been reproduced from original plates * Colonial issues and the denominations, signature varieties and scarcity * examples of the notes issues from 1803-1874 from the 20 state chartered banks Speaker(s): Eric Lampe.

    Confederate Paper Money, Building the New Book 8/20/2007

    Confederate Paper Money, Building the New Book

    In November of 2005 Pierre Fricke published Collecting Confederate Paper Money, a compilation his own research combined with that of Dr. Douglas Ball and other notable collectors. Join Mr. Fricke as he shares notes from his own collection while outlining how this project came to fruition. In this lecture-with-slides presentation you will hear and learn about: * early reference works on Confederate bank notes * history of collecting and dealing in these notes * various personalities in the hobby * issues about grading, buying and selling * examples of various notes including their denominations, printers, errors and water marks Speaker(s): Pierre Fricke.

    Future of the ANA March 2007 8/20/2007

    Future of the ANA March 2007

    The American Numismatic Association is moving in an exciting direction as the 116-year-old Association plans to expand its educational programs and, possibly, build new museums in San Francisco and Washington D.C. Join Executive Director Christopher Cipoletti for a peek into the future. In this lecture-with-slides presentation you will learn: * the vision for the future of the ANA * what conclusions can be derived using Colorado as a membership model * opportunities in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. for new museums * the need for fundraising * new programs being developed * additional membership benefits * results of a recent membership survey * issues, challenges, and opportunities Speaker(s): Christopher Cipoletti.

    Gold, Silver and the Wizard of Oz 8/20/2007

    Gold, Silver and the Wizard of Oz

    Was Lyman Frank Baum's 1903 children's tale, The Wizard of Oz, intentionally written as an allegorical representation of the Bimetallic Controversy that raged across America in the late 19th century? Join Lane J. Brunner and a colorful cast of characters for this entertaining and thought provoking presentation. In this lecture-with-slides presentation you will hear and learn about: * economic conditions of the 1890's and the Panic of 1893 * the rise of Populism and what it stood for * background and story of L. Frank Baum, author of, The Wizard of Oz, that was published in 1900 * comparisons to Populism first noticed in the 1960's and who was responsible for this discovery * each character in the book and who they metaphorically represent including William McKinley, William Jennings Bryan, labor, farmers, banking, gold, silver and more * why this intriguing perspective is still so speculative Speaker(s): Lane J. Brunner, Ph.D..

    Importance of Christopher Bechtler in the Creation 8/20/2007

    Importance of Christopher Bechtler in the Creation

    In rare instances, the legacy of an individual can shape our perception of a community and its significance. Artist and educator Jamie Franki examines the history and the impact of Christopher Bechtler's innovative gold minting operation as a catalyst for the emergence of Charlotte, North Carolina as an important financial center. In this lecture-with-slides presentation you will hear and learn about: * the concept of art needing validation * examples of coins designed by Jamie for the Jefferson nickel including the "bison" reverse of the 2005 issue and the obverse of the 2006 issue * efforts to create the 50 Year Charlotte Coin Club medal, how it was "validated" and finally evolved into the ANA Convention Medal * why Christopher Bechtler was so important to the medal * the story of America's first gold rush and the role of Bechtler and his family Speaker(s): Jamie Franki.

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