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Hinh, Justin [Multimedia]

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    Exploring Coin Boards, Folders, & Albums with Renowned Collector and Researcher Donald Kocken 5/1/2024

    Exploring Coin Boards, Folders, & Albums with Renowned Collector and Researcher Donald Kocken

    Interview with Donald and Marie Kocken, by Justin Hinh, held in late April 2024.

    Donald Kocken is a prominent researcher of coin boards, folders, & albums known for his extensive knowledge and expertise. He authored the book Collecting Vintage Coin Boards, Albums, Folders, & Holders: 1930's and Beyond, which has become a valuable resource for collectors.

    0:00 - Intro
    1:30 - Stories from truck driving and coin collecting on the road
    17:32 - "What regional differences did you notice when visiting coin shops around the country?"
    18:25 - Advice to collectors on balancing the time between the hobby and your spouse
    22:22 - Sorting 168,000 wheat pennies
    25:39 - Alan Herbert

    Questions from the coin community
    26:41- "Why, oh WHY did Dansco with the Continental Line change the position of the 1909 VDB Cent slot and the 1909-1958 Cent slot?!"
    27:05 - "When was the peak in album sales?"
    29:01 - "What does the future of coin collecting look like?"
    31:03 - Stamp collecting
    33:00 -"What do you know about Beistle 'Unique Coin' albums?"
    34:09 - "Do you know the dates of when these Wayte Raymond logos were used?"
    36:42 - Story about the first Kent Coin Board prototype
    37:47 - Ervin J. Felix & The Continental Line Albums
    39:24 - "How rare are first-edition Whitman Walking Liberty folders?"
    40:42 - "What is the rarest Whitman folder someone could find at a coin shop?"
    41:25 - Insights & thoughts regarding foreign folders/albums
    42:59 - "How did Megrig get away with copying Wayte Raymond's albums"
    43:25 - Thomas Moll
    44:00 - "Will coin boards tone coins?"
    44:27 - "Any coin boards for Libertads?"
    44:40 - Dansco and US F.A.O Albums
    45:16 - "How far did David Lange get with writing a book about the Dansco Corporation?"
    47:22 - "What should people think when they hear the name David Lange?"
    48:39 - "Where have you displayed your coin board collection?"
    50:19 - Reflections on a numismatic career

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