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NNP Library //Power Search

Searchable Fields

ItemContent Contains the text of a page, metadata for an item, etc. String Value.
Title Title of the item. String Value.
SearchDate The publication/creation year of an item. Integer value
Author Author of the item. String value.
Publisher Publisher of a book, or in the case of an auction catalog, the Auction Company.
All field names are case sensitive

Search Operators

Boolean AND OR NOT + -
Title: Numismatist AND Title: Gene. The AND operator matches documents where both terms exist anywhere in the text of a single document.
Title: Numismatist OR Title: Gene. The OR operator matches documents where either term exist anywhere in the text of a single document.
Title: Numismatist NOT Title:Gene. The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term after NOT
Title: (Numismatist -Gene). The "-" or prohibit operator excludes documents that contain the term after the "-" symbol. Title: (Numismatist +Gene). The "+" or required operator requires that the term after the "+" symbol exist somewhere in a the field of a single document. Boolean Operators must be all caps
Numeric SearchYear: 1987 - Exact match
SearchYear: [1920 TO 1930] - Exclusive range query
SearchYear: {1920 TO 1930} - Inclusive range query
SearchDate: {0 TO 1860} - Search dates up to 1860
The keyword TO is case sensitive
Text Title: "The Numismatist" - Exact Match (Phrase search)
Title: Numismatist - Contains Numismatist
Title: (Numismatist Gene Newman) - Contains any of the words specified
Widcards ? - perform a single character wildcard search
* - perform a multi character wildcard search
~ - To do a fuzzy search use the tilde, "~", symbol at the end of a Single word Term. Example roam~ will find terms like foam and roams

Note: You cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character of a search.
Grouping Title: (Numismatist AND Gene)
Title: Numismatist AND ItemContent:(Washington OR Franklin)

Example Searches

Search for "Washington" in ItemContent ItemContent:Washington
Search for "Washington" in ItemContent with the title "The Numismatist" Title:"The Numismatist" AND ItemContent:Washington
Search for items published between the years of 1920 to 1930 containing "Washington"" SearchDate:{1920 TO 1930} AND ItemContent:Washington
Search for Author: Baker and ItemContent: Washington Author:Baker AND ItemContent:Washington
Search for Publisher Stacks-Bowers Galleries and Title contains Philadelphia Publisher: "Stacks-Bowers Galleries" AND Title:Philadelphia
Search for Washington Before Boston medals in Stack's sales: ItemContent:"Washington Before Boston" AND Publisher:Stacks
Find "corn" and exclude results from Harper’s Weekly ItemContent:corn AND NOT Title:Harper
Find "rotated" in the Gobrecht Journal ItemContent:rotated AND Title:Gobrecht Journal
Phrase search ItemContent:"In God We Trust"
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