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Coinage of Americas Conference Proceedings

The Coinage of Americas Conference (COAC) Proceedings draw together like-themed research on a variety of topics in American numismatics.  Sponsored by the American Numismatic Society (ANS), the first formal conference, America's Copper Coinage, took place in 1985.  The forerunner of the series is a group of papers gathered in Studies on Money in Early America (1976).  The regular series is listed below. NNP acknowledges Mark Borckardt for contributing to the series metadata.

1985. America's copper coinage, 1783-1857. COAC no. 1.
1985. America's currency, 1789-1866. COAC no. 2.
1987. America's silver coinage, 1794-1891. COAC no. 3.
1988. (Stahl, Alan M., ed.) The medal in America. COAC no. 4.
1989. (Bischoff, William L., ed.) The coinage of El Perú. COAC no. 5.
1990. (Metcalf, William E., ed.) America's gold coinage. COAC no. 6.
1992. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) Money of pre-federal America. COAC no. 7.
1994. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) Canada's money. COAC no. 8.
1995. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) America's silver dollars. COAC no. 9.
1995. (Doty, Richard G., ed.) The token: America's other money. COAC no. 10.
1996. (Mossman, Philip L., ed.) Coinage of the American confederation period. COAC no. 11.
1998. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) America's large cent. COAC no. 12.
1999. (Stahl, Alan M., ed.) The medal in America, volume 2. COAC no. 13.
2000. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) Circulating counterfeits of the Americas. COAC no. 14.
2006. (Doty, Richard G. and John M. Kleeberg, eds.) Money of the Caribbean. COAC no. 15.
2009. (Hoover, Oliver D., ed.) Newby's St. Patrick Coinage. COAC no. 16.


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    George Washington's Unique 1792 Pattern in Gold 1976

    George Washington's Unique 1792 Pattern in Gold

    Eric P. Newman's corrections copy of this 1976 article. Ex. Eric P. Newman XI, lot 15357, sold by Heritage Auctions in November 2018.

    Studies on Money in Early America 1/1/1976

    Studies on Money in Early America

    The precursor of the Coinage of the Americas Conference series, this 1976 volume, edited by Eric P. Newman and Richard G. Doty, gathered a number of scholarly papers on American numismatics. Articles as follows:

    William S. Sachs - The Business of Colonization

    J. Earl Massey - Early Money Substitutes

    Raphael E. Solomon - Foreign Specie Coins in the American Colonies

    Walter Breen - North American Colonial Coinages under the French Regime (1640-1763)

    Richard Picker - Variations of the Die Varieties of Massachusetts Oak and Pine Tree Coinage

    Richard G. Doty - The Carolina and New England Elephant Tokens

    John J. McCusker - Colonial Paper Money

    Walter Breen - Legal and Illegal Connecticut Mints (1785-1789)

    Eric P. Newman - American Circulation of English and Bungtown Halfpence

    Kenneth E. Bressett - Vermont Copper Coinage

    Eric P. Newman - George Washington's Unique 1792 Pattern in Gold

    Don Taxay - Thomas Jefferson and the Founding of the Mint

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